Are You Wasting IT Dollars Due To Manufacturer Pressure?

Save money on network hardwaeLet's take a little trip. You are a skilled IT professional and  understand the role IT plays in supporting your company’s business needs. You get the big picture. You understand that the reason for every person and every piece of equipment is to enhance your organization’s bottom line in one way or another. You realize good business in the 21st century entails instituting the proper technology for your business needs. And you have a good grasp of how your company is unique. You make all your IT decisions with these factors in mind.

Now, let’s say the business decision has been made to buy some switches and maybe a router or two.  When you look at this purchase, you scope out what you need.

You realize that for your purposes and the purposes of your business, you simply don’t need the latest and greatest equipment. What you need are straightforward workhorse switches and routers. You need something dependable that meets your requirements with no need for any extra bells and whistles. In fact, you might need only a tiny step up from what is currently in your closets, if that. In all reality, if you could clone the switches currently in your closets, you would likely have more than enough for your needs.


Enter the Manufacturer

When the time comes to buy the right switches to suit your needs and budget, you find that the manufacturer has deemed your switch end-of-sale, end-of-support or end-of-life. You think to yourself, “What? You must be kidding!” The frustration sets in.

Being the good IT professional that you are, you are concerned about support for your network hardware and rightly so. Uptime is the name of the game and you have to consider your options.

You know that the switches you originally decided on were just what you needed and they were ideally priced for your budget. However, the manufacturer makes it very clear.  They are moving on to bigger things, and if you aren’t on board with buying their latest, higher-priced model switches, you are on your own.

Enter the Pressure

Now that the pressure has officially been applied, what do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO!?

You fold like a cheap tent. You abandon your own reason. You defy all logic. You leave common sense on the doorstep in the pouring rain. What’s worse, you go against what you think makes the best financial sense for your company.

You succumb to manufacturer pressure and buy the latest switches. Sure, you spent a LOT more of your company’s money needlessly, and you don’t need half the features offered in the switches you were pressured into purchasing.  The good news is that you and your spine of jelly are safely nestled inside your comfort zone.

Enter the Hero

It doesn’t have to turn out like this, does it? Of course it doesn’t.

Why spend your company’s money on switches with tons of bells and whistles you simply don’t need now or even a few years from now?  Is it because you feel the pressure from the manufacturer? Is it because they warn you that you are on your own and paint doom and gloom scenarios?

Don’t let pressure guide your decisions.   Don’t start the habit of buying equipment because of this kind of pressure. Over time it can cost your company a tremendous amount of money.

Instead, let’s imagine another scenario. You trust your IT professional’s knowledge and the knowledge of your business.   You remind yourself what you are hired to do.  You reassure yourself with great confidence that you work for your company, not the manufacturer.   Then you buy the right switches for the job, not the switches the manufacturer is pressuring you to buy.   Congratulations.

The Story’s Happy Ending

Contrary to what you might have been scared into thinking…
You can buy the end-of-life / end-of-sale  switch without the risk of being left in the cold.

There are great network hardware providers that sell EOS / EOL network hardware with:

•    An amazing warranty. In some cases, you will even find a lifetime warranty
•    Next business day (NBD) advance hardware replacement services
•    Helpful customer service and pre-purchase technical support
•    A friendly staff that will be there long after your purchase
•    Prices far lower than the manufacturer alternative

Remember this the next time you feel the manufacturer pressure. Do not waste IT dollars because of  pressure from manufacturers. Avoid the dreaded spine of jelly and do the smart thing. You can confidently purchase network hardware that is right for the job, without fear of downtime or lack of support. You can save tons of money and have all the reliability and performance you need.

Now ride off into the sunset like the IT hero you are.