Want to Reduce Data Center Cabling? You're In Luck.

Skinny Trunks by CABLExpressIf your are looking to reduce the amount of data center cabling there is good news for you.  Now, with the help of CABLExpress®, you can reduce your data center cabling by up to 33%.  CABLExpress has announced significant reduction in Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Optic Patch Cord size.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:


CABLExpress has enhanced its Skinny-Trunk® fiber optic patch cord in its Uniboot product line by reducing both the diameter and bend radius by more than 33 percent, changing it from 3 mm to 2 mm. This enhancement will allow for substantial data center infrastructure cabling reduction without altering the existing technology.

The small diameter of the Skinny-Trunk patch cord ensures that critical airflow paths in the data center are not blocked. In addition to the 33 percent reduction, the cord also features a shorter connector body, further allowing for optimal flexibility and manageability. The new 2 mm patch cords are designed for high performance and have an industry best maximum insertion loss of 0.15 dB per LC.  - full press release

IT pros are always looking to reduce cable bulk and optimize space in the data center.  With this new improvement, there is a simple option available.

For more information on this data center cabling product offering or how to improve your cabling infrastructure click here.