The Advantages of Used VoIP Phones

Used Cisco VoIP PhoneIf you’re moving, or considering a move, to a VoIP phone system, or you just need more VoIP phones, then you know the benefits such a migration could have for your organization. You stand to save a lot of money and reap several benefits over traditional phone systems now that long-distance calling will become truly inexpensive.

Plus, there’s the potential for mobility and all the features you could use to your advantage. The possibilities for improving your users’ experiences are endless, and the business advantages are as well. You’ll have a world of options at your fingertips.

You’ll also have several challenges as well. However, if you keep the option of acquiring used VoIP phones open, you could alleviate some of the issues that come with implementing a VoIP system.

Reduce up-front costs

The first obstacle you’ll notice when transitioning to an IP system is that initial cost. You’ll take a look at the price tag on all those new phones and your heart might skip a beat or two.

Don’t get discouraged – you have options. It’s still possible to acquire high-quality phones without such an astronomical price tag. Keep that option of used VoIP phones open.

A Reputable Long Established Company Matters.

Good refurbished hardware vendors provide a product you can rely on at a price that won’t completely implode your budget. For example, CXtec offers used IP phones from the manufacturers you trust backed by a lifetime warranty as a standard business practice. Along with that, our phones feature a 99.51% reliability rating, and are still priced significantly less than list. You can get outstanding quality used VoIP phones that will take the sting out of that initial price tag.

Each and every phone tested

TestingA solid used phone vendor will test every phone they offer. Here's the deal. A quality used phone vendor will buy VoIP phones in perfectly good working order from end-users. Then, they put every one of the phones through a thorough testing, cleaning and refurbishing process, then pass that quality on to the consumer. (At least that’s what we do.)

The result is that you’re guaranteed to get a phone that has passed through a rigorous testing process and has been proven to work flawlessly. If you bought new phones they’re probably only going to be spot-checked – maybe one in 50 or one in a hundred gets tested.

So sure, those VoIP phones you get may be used, but they’ve been proven to work well. If you choose a reputable vendor, you’ll get like-new quality phones with a better guarantee that every phone will perform out of the box.

A spares program? What a luxury!

Now that you’re able to save some budget money buying used, just think what you can do with all that leftover cash. Here’s an option: a spares program to have replacement phones on hand and ready to deploy.

You could use that extra money to procure some spares for your mission-critical users. Or if your organization has a call center, how imperative is it that you not lose a single user if a phone should suddenly stop working?

A spares program would take that pressure off your shoulders, and buying used VoIP phones is a smart way to start down that path.

Used VoIP Phones – Simply a Wise Option

Few people immediately consider buying used phones when they’re planning a new voice system. Sometimes the idea of used hardware carries a stigma. But if you choose a reputable vendor who offers quality refurbished phones, you can realize a number of benefits.

Keep an open mind and don’t limit your options. You can take what has the potential to be a huge money-sucking project and turn it into an opportunity to get a lot of value for your organization.