Used Cisco Equipment A Solid Option For Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

IT departments want the best for their company or organization. They want to create the best information systems, solutions and processes to meet business needs. This is the same whether a company is a Fortune 500 company or a small- to medium-sized company.

What is not the same is the amount of capital available to build information systems, create networks or build data centers.

While smaller-sized companies have the benefits of flexibility and agility, they often don't have huge IT budgets.

That doesn't mean small- and medium-sized businesses can just throw up their hands and accept that's just how life is. No way. They are still tasked by executives to come up with solutions despite budget challenges.

This means being creative and resourceful. It means seeking alternatives to status quo thinking.

Used Cisco Equipment Can Offer Improvements For Small- and Medium-Sized Business

One way IT pros at small- and medium-sized businesses can improve their networks and the solutions they provide their company is by using pre-owned Cisco. I can almost hear some of you now. "Buy used Cisco? I don't know about that. It's used."

Why not? Open up your mind for a minute. Get out of that box. Think creatively.

When you think about it and weigh the risks vs. rewards, it makes sense.

Buying pre-owned Cisco is a simple, no-nonsense way to get high-quality switches, routers, security appliances and phones you might not otherwise have the ability to purchase. With a higher level of equipment, comes a whole new set of options and capabilities for your network.

But what about the risks involved with buying used Cisco?

The risks involved with buying used Cisco equipment have been greatly exaggerated.

If you follow some basic, sound guidelines for purchasing pre-owned network hardware you will soon have the Cisco equipment you want, all the performance and reliability you expect, and you'll only pay a fraction of the list price.

When you work with an established, reputable vendor that has the resources, expertise and quality processes in place you minimize your risks and maximize rewards. It's all about knowing your source.

The take-away

Don't assume you can't step up your game because you don't have the same resources as a bigger company. It may just take some new thinking and a little bit of resourcefulness.