Three Quotes that Prove Mr. Spock Would Love CXtec's RapidCare

Here at CXtec, we love that Mr. Spock is so logical. It’s probably because our offerings just seem to make so much sense for those who want to extend their IT budgets.

  • Apr 8, 2013
  • Jake

Here at CXtec, we love that Mr. Spock is so logical. It’s probably because our offerings just seem to make so much sense for those who want to extend their IT budgets.

For example, we provide our own third-party maintenance program called RapidCare®. The advantages of RapidCare are numerous.

  • You save as much as 50-60% over manufacturer support programs like Smart Net Total Care.
  • You get guaranteed next-business-day advance replacement of your technology.
  • You get a right-sized, customized support solution that is ideal for your organization.
  • You receive free shipping on both inbound and outbound product.

"Paying more for a manufacturer maintenance program would be... highly illogical."

There’s really no smarter way to ensure maximum uptime for your hardware. That’s why we feel Spock would really get behind using RapidCare to back the Enterprise’s networking, voice, and server/storage hardware.

Here are a few quotes that support our theory:

“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.”

This is a quote from the original Star Trek series, in the episode “The Ultimate Computer.” We couldn’t agree more with Spock on this one. As the proliferation of technology continues in our culture, it’s easy to see more and more people becoming slaves to their own technology.

That’s something we never want to see happen to you. Of course, many organizations require a replacement program for their hardware. But we don’t want them to feel like they’re held hostage by their equipment.

Manufacturer support programs can cost a lot, and those costs can be prohibitive. Not so with RapidCare.

Saving as much as 50-60% off manufacturer programs allows you a way to not feel trapped by your technology. This frees up funds to allocate to other areas of your business to help you become more successful, a notion Spock would certainly support.

“It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.”

This quote comes from the original series as well, in the episode “Errand of Mercy.” We often find that organizations go with manufacturer maintenance programs, even though they simply don’t want to. They see these programs as a necessary evil, without even realizing they have a choice.

This is something a Vulcan like Spock would find unacceptable. Spock would look at a program like RapidCare and immediate realize having options is better than being forced into any one solution, especially if that one solution costs more.

Plus, with a third-party maintenance program like RapidCare you get a customized solution that is ideal for your particular circumstances. This kind of flexibility gives you the option to right-size your hardwrae support.

Spock would not want to be forced into accepting something he didn’t want. He would use logic to find an alternative, in this case, an alternative like third-party maintenance and RapidCare.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

This is the big one. The one that brings tears to our eyes. This is what Spock says in the film The Wrath of Khan as he sacrifices himself to stop the detonation. Never have truer words been spoken.

When you purchase your network hardware, you get it from a single manufacturer. The one. And that one manufacturer will construct its offerings to suit its own needs. A single set of rules without flexibility. But what about the multitude of users out there who need a program that suits their individual needs?

That’s where RapidCare comes in. It’s a chance for customers to use a different program more suited to their needs, instead of having a single option forced upon them.

Be your organization’s Spock

Keep Spock’s words of wisdom in mind when choosing your company’s maintenance program. It’s up to you to provide cost-saving options and help find creative ways to help your business thrive.

After all, Spock also said, “Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans.” Use your logic to steer the ship in the right direction!


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