The Dumbest Thing You Can Do With Your Network Hardware

Facepalm - a common reaction to overlooked mistakes?IT professionals are a bright bunch of people.  In fact, IT professionals love doing smart things. It’s probably reasonable to say they hate doing dumb things.

The good news is that IT pros rarely do dumb things. However, no one is perfect.

Some people do some dumb things with regard to their network hardware. I am sure these people mean no harm. It’s okay - we all forgive you.

But there is one thing that people do with their network hardware that is so dumb, it’s almost unforgiveable. What could this possibly be?

The dumbest thing you can do with your network hardware is nothing.

So many people do just this. More people than would like to admit have piles of network hardware sitting around collecting dust for no particular purpose.

Sure, there are some people who have some switches, routers, or phones stored for the purpose of having hot swappable spares. That does not qualify as doing nothing with your network hardware. This qualifies as preparation, contingency plans, and a smart way to safeguard your uptime.

However, this is not what many people are doing. People are simply letting their used network hardware sit around with no real purpose whatsoever.

Why is doing nothing with your network hardware so dumb?

You could be getting money for it!

Why have stacks of network hardware sitting around using up space and serving as nothing but oversized paperweights when you can get money for them?

Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. There’s no good reason to let your hardware just sit around.

The smart thing to do is to take an inventory of any network hardware you have lying around for no particular reason. Then, you call a quality pre-owned network hardware provider that buys your network hardware.

If you know a friend or peer who has network hardware around doing nothing (because you wouldn’t be guilty of this), do them a favor and tell them that getting money for their network hardware should go to the top of their list.