CXtec is Proud Presenting Sponsor for the 10th Annual NY Tech Summit

NY Tech SummitCXtec is proud to be a presenting sponsor of the 10th Annual NY Tech Summit.


So What is NY Tech Summit?

In short, it is a place for technology vendors and industry experts to gather and share their collective knowledge about the progress of your industry.  But really it is much more than that.

On June 19 and 20, 2014, the NY Tech Summit will be held at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino. This event is the premier educational and knowledge-sharing event for information technology professionals in the Northeast United States.

By utilizing this opportunity, it is possible for you and your business to not only invest in your future, but to actually increase your potential return on investment (ROI) by making meaningful connections within the information technology industry. With new advancements and strides in technology being made every day, it is of the upmost importance that you stay on the cutting edge to succeed in information’s ever-changing atmosphere.


NY Tech Summit CrowdEducation & Insightful Presentations

Among the many things that the summit has to offer are educational seminars about emerging technologies, including case studies that are presented by industry professionals. The subjects discussed include the following:

Value Centered IT

Seminars will be held discussing the shifting role of IT, managing the costs of technology, creative ways to extend shrinking budgets, the right way to choose a vendor, preparing your IT staff to lead and an overview of new technologies that offer a high business value and more

Process & Operational Optimization

These talks will discuss managing enterprise risk, making IT green, reducing your data storage, delivering applications while working with older technology, reducing chaos, selecting the best tools for long term data storage and optimizing IT security operations and their effectiveness and more.


Topics include what the cloud has become and what it means for your business, risks and rewards of utilizing cloud infrastructure, preparing for the costs of the cloud and cloud integration in tandem with legacy systems and more.

Virtualization and Data Center

There will be a variety of topics from subject matter experts to help you learn and improve in the areas of virtualization and the data center.  This

Visibility, Performance and Analysis

As the role of IT evolves, the need for bette visibility into networks increases so that preformance can be analyzed and optimized.   This track will take on topics to help attendees in this area.

Exhibitions and Networking

In addition to these seminars, there is a tradeshow floor that will feature many of the industry’s top vendors and manufacturers. This part of the event will give you and your company the opportunity to not only interact with the professionals that are helping the information technology thrive and evolve, but will provide you the opportunity to begin valuable networking conversations. The IT professionals, influencers and decision makers present will be available to answer important questions about your industry and the benefits of various IT solutions, as well as to discuss how you can set your brand apart in order to reach the audience you need to reach.

By smartly utilizing these, among other valuable services, you will be able to give your industry a competitive edge. By investing your time into researching and interacting with the current state of the information technology industry, you are investing in your company’s future.

Looking to experience the summit for yourself? Please click here for more information.