Powerful and Versatile and Dependable – Oh My!

The added advantage of purchasing a Cisco Catalyst 6500 chassis system

By Jim Burns, Senior Product Engineer

For those of you that have purchased Cisco Catalyst 6500s, you know how powerful, versatile and dependable they are. 

But there’s yet another reason to be happy about your purchase; you don’t have to ditch an expensive chassis system when Cisco lists it as end of sale (EoS). Cisco has created a path forward to their 6807 chassis!

The Sup 2T was the first supervisor engine that can work in either the 6500-E chassis family or the 6807 chassis – and the more recently announced Sup 6T will also work in either family.


Here’s a list of port blades that will also work in either chassis family - there’s also some service modules too!


What's not to like?

Cisco has done a great job of protecting customer investment; the newer chassis can do everything the older family can - with the exception of PoE. If you need that, Cisco recommends the 4500 family.

If you don’t have a 6500 Series chassis, don’t feel left out. You can always call CXtec to get one! We stand ready to help you with your chassis needs, including spec’ing out the parts to customize it to your exact needs.

And don’t forget about our lifetime warranty and/or RapidCare® to protect your investment!