One Vendor to Unite Them All

Finding a trustworthy, dependable secondary market hardware vendor can become a near-impossible task. If you don’t do your due diligence, the quest can exhaust your resources and budget, while assets sit idle and your network isn’t performing optimally.

Disreputable companies who don’t truly test and refurbish the used equipment they sell can seem identical to the truly trustworthy sources. The threat of villainous work stoppages due to low-quality technology lurk around every corner. Meanwhile, you’ve got unspent money sitting around in hardware that is functional but no longer being used. Who do you trust to help you?

Take an Unexpected Journey

Finding the right partner is a hard thing. Sometimes, you don’t even know where to start. When the dwarf contingent in The Hobbit was searching for their ancient kingdom, they knew they needed a burglar. They just weren’t sure where to look.

Thankfully, they knew someone who could identify a savvy partner. It turned out their buddy Gandalf the Grey connected them with the right contractor. As a consultant, Gandalf gave trusted advice to forge the best relationship for his clients. That’s what a good technology partner is here to provide you on your quest for an optimized infrastructure that works for your budget.

At the outset of The Hobbit, Gandalf laments, “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I’m arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.” I think all of us can relate to that (even if we don’t look as good as he does in that grey hat). We all struggle when we’re trying to secure a strong technology partner. In the used networking hardware world, sometimes it can be almost impossible. Stability and ability should be big components of your search for such a valuable resource.

Forge a Fellowship

Here’s the best way to find your perfect partner –

Experience – Make sure your potential partner knows the industry, and has experience in not only dealing with the products you need to sell or buy, but has expertise in terms of executing within a network. At CXtec, we pride ourselves as being network people that know the industry and live it every day. Make sure the vendor you’re researching knows what they’re doing and cares about the results of their work.

Easy to work with – Bilbo Baggins was more than just a pair of hairy feet that could cook – he had a witty sense of humor and was fun to be around, in addition to being good at the job he was hired to do. Your choice for a technology partner should be someone that you can enjoy a relationship with – they should know about and enjoy the same things that you and your team of network specialists do. They should be responsive to your needs and deliver results in a timely manner. In short, they should make your life easy.

They’re fair – There might not be a more important aspect than making sure you either get or pay the actual, real-world value of the products. Many vendors are focused on creating volume sales and gouging as much mark-up as possible. That’s something that Gollum might try to do. But not a solid partner. You want someone that is looking to give you fair return on your assets, and develop a long-term, healthy relationship. Someone that would rather make $10 a hundred times than $1,000 once.

They know the right people – Like Gandalf, you want to partner with people who are part of other organizations, whether that’s the Council of Elrond or the United Network Dealers Association (UNEDA). Another organization that vendors should be a part of is the Association of Service and Computer Dealers International and the North American Association of Telecommunication Dealers (AscdiNatd). Visit your potential partner’s website and learn what groups they’re a part of. At CXtec, we’re an active member of these and other organizations. Having friends that are part of reputable organizations is a great way to get a clear indication of the trustworthiness of your vendor.

Data cleanliness – Data hygiene and security are important in our industry. When you sell your used equipment, finding a partner that will erase all of your sensitive, proprietary information is as important as anything else you might look for during your search. Security breaches have ended quests for glory for many organizations, and there are a lot of ways that can happen. Here’s a list of security breaches to review. At CXtec, we vigorously scrub every piece of data and information.

There are genuinely trustworthy, dependable and fair used networking hardware vendors out there. You just need to know where to find them. Now, like Gandalf and his merry dwarves, you know what to look for.