Networks Up and Costs Down: Fiber Cable Pointers

Networks up, costs down - fiber cablesNetworks up...costs down.

That is our mantra here at CXtec.  Everything we do is focused on helping our customers get this accomplished.

One very important aspect of achieving maximum uptime and performance while keeping long term costs down is giving the proper attention to cables.  That's right.   Respect layer one.

While you may have the biggest and baddest switches and routers around, you aren't going to get the most out of them if your cabling isn't in order.   It's like trying to drive a high performance car down a road full of pot holes.    Why make a fast car slow by failing to maintain the car's pathway?  That's just not wise.

You have to know the cable game and have a good foundation of understanding in order to keep your networks up and costs down the best you can.

So,  here is a collection of fiber cable pointers to help you out:


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Data Center Fiber Cable Connectors

Fiber Optic Cable Cleaning

Fiber Optic Core Sizes and Rating Types

Fiber Optic Cables and the Importance of Core Alignment

Fiber Optic Cables and Link Loss in the Data Center

Fiber Polarity Methods

LC Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

RSD Fiber Cable Enclosures

Factory Terminated Fiber Cables

Parallel Optics

Re-cabling Your Data Center



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If you would like to learn more, you can find all sorts of great information here.