More Federal E-Waste Regulation Coming Soon

Looks like the federal government will be further cracking down on e-waste soon. According to an article from SmartPlanet, a recent statement from government officials states, “Any contractor that purchases electronics through federal funds will be barred from sending the device to landfills.”

This mandate essentially requires “contractors hired by the U.S. government to bring disused IT equipment to recyclers that have been certified and approved through federally-recognized sustainability programs.”

What are the implications?

While the rule has not yet taken effect, it is expected to soon, and it will have long-reaching effects. It will force any company looking to acquire technology equipment from government agencies to properly dispose of those electronics, or work with a recycler that will. And those recyclers will have to be certified by reputable, government-approved standards.

As a government IT technician, now more than ever you will have to do your due diligence when selecting contractors. There can be no more handshake agreements, or assumptions that the recyclers you’re doing business with are on the level.

Quality, reliability and responsibility become the standard.

Now that increased pressure is coming down from the federal level, it becomes imperative to do business with reputable companies. So the question becomes: What standards should one look for in a reputable e-waste recycler?

Here are a few guidelines to let you know your e-waste recycling company is doing business the right way, and using proper IT asset disposal techniques:

  • Are they a Certified Electronics Recycler with certifications in Responsible Recycling (R2) and the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS)? This is the gold standard when it comes to recycling.

  • Are they a member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI), a well-known and respected Washington, D.C.-based recycling trade association?

  • Have they been in business a significant amount of time? When the technology recycling industry started booming, a lot of disreputable people jumped on board. Best to look for a recycler with a good deal of experience in the industry, not one that cropped up overnight just recently.

  • Are they a successful company? There’s no accounting for profitability, but a company should at least let you know they aren’t in debt and not willing to compromise best practices for a quick buck.


The right e-waste recycler makes all the difference.

When you work with a solid, reputable recycler, it’s amazing the peace of mind you’ll feel. They will be able to show you their downstream partners and provide proof that your disused technology won’t be going anywhere near a landfill.

You know the consequences of having your technology wind up improperly disposed. There are financial, legal and reputation ramifications. Take the time now to research your contractors and recyclers and make sure you’re protected.

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