How Manufacturers Can Buy The Right Network Hardware Without Blowing Their Budgets

manufacturers and network hardwareAt CXtec, our equal2new pre-owned network hardware and phones are our customer's favorite choice. They enjoy the reliability, the performance, the price and the lifetime warranty.

It truly is a great choice for most businesses of all sizes.

One area of business that finds huge benefits from using our equal2new pre-owned network hardware are manufacturers.


The 3 Main Reasons Manufacturers Choose To Use equal2new Pre-owned Network Hardware



  1. Technology at their pace - One of our core philosophies aligns perfectly with the network hardware needs of manufacturers. You see, from our experience many manufacturers do not require bleeding edge switches and routers. So, manufacturers can purchase equal2new hardware and get the current hardware that they need without being forced to spend the money on the latest and greatest routers and switches. Manufacturers tend to favor extending their product life cycles and this is an ideal solution.

  2. Maximum protection for rugged environments - Manufacturers often have more rugged environments than your average network environment. Therefore they need a resilient, flexible, cost conscious solution. With a combination of top reliability (99.51% reliability rating) and a lifetime warranty, you are protecting your back side. And let's face it, in a rugged environment network hardware may be exposed to bumps and bruises. Manufacturer customers tell us that they aren't crazy about spending extra money on new hardware knowing it might incur damage and having to turn around and spend more money on brand new hardware.

  3. Always have a plan B - In a manufacturing environment, you always want to have a plan B. A true lifetime warranty helps. It helps to know that if something unfortunate happens to your hardware you simply have to make a quick call and a new unit will soon be on its way. Some manufacturer customers will combine this with our unique hardware replacement services to shore up their plan B.

Our manufacturer customers have taken a look at their needs, their budgets and their environments and chosen time and again to go with our equal2new network hardware. They want a reliable, flexible, cost-effective solution that gives them the protection they want.









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