Make the Most of Computer Learning Month

Computer LearningWhile October is more commonly recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also Computer Learning Month. Created by the Computer Learning Foundation, Computer Learning Month is meant to serve as a time for people to learn about new technologies and to share this knowledge with others.

Many in education use this month to teach students different types of technology and to showcase how it can be used to enrich the learning experience. While the students’ focus may only be on the computer screen in front of them, as IT professionals we understand the importance of what goes on behind the scenes - the importance of building and maintaining an effective network.


This month, IT professionals in all sectors should aim to do 2 things:



  1. Share our knowledge of various technologies with those around us so that they can gain a better understanding.

  2. Learn something new ourselves. While we may be the tech experts, there is always something more we could be doing to make our networks more effective and more efficient.


To start you out on your month of learning, you may want to check out the new CABLExpress Data Center Structured Cabling Guide to learn more about how to maximize ROI in your data center.