Know Your Source® and Get Reliability and Peace of Mind From Your Networking Hardware Vendor

Recently, we’ve been going to great lengths to let you know the benefits you get when you Know Your Source® for networking equipment. We talked about how you get added value, ease, assurance, ability and stability - and today we’d like to discuss how to get unrivaled reliability.

Doing business with a proven partner means you can rely on their equipment to work. But there’s more involved than just a guarantee and a wink, what proof can a vendor provide to show that their equipment is truly reliable?

Here are a few key questions to ask in order to get reliable equipment and work with a partner you can depend on:

1. Do they account for ESD?

So what is ESD? It stands for electrostatic discharge, and it’s that little electric shock you get when you contact a surface that is charged. Now when we say “little” please understand that even tiny shocks can do significant damage to sensitive electronic technology.

Think about this: a mere 100 volt electrostatic discharge can damage technology to a point where it is rendered defective, yet a human being can’t even detect an ESD spark until the charge is at least 3,000 volts. Knowing this, it’s pretty obvious your technology vendor better have a strategy to avoid this kind of potential damage.

It’s not enough for them to just say they do testing. You’ll need to know about their protective measures. If they haven’t gone to exhaustive lengths to protect the hardware they’re selling you, it’s possible you could get products that will malfunction on you.

2. What are their shipping procedures?

Many times we hear about vendors that claim they have these great testing and refurbishing processes, and hey, that very well may be true. But what happens when they ship their products to you?

Do they package them well? If they just throw them in a box with some packing peanuts, how confident can you really be that they will arrive at you facility undamaged and ready to work?

For reference, CXtec take a great deal of pride in our shipping process. We secure all networking hardware using Foam-in-Place packaging that creates a protective cushion around the technology. For phones, we stabilize each phone in its own box with an elastomeric film that keeps the phone safe and jostle-free during shipping.

Make sure you ask your vendor what they do with their packaging. Otherwise, you might not get very reliable hardware from them.

3. Is their quality management system backed by a third-party source like ISO?

Bottom line is it’s easy for a vendor to say they do all sorts of wonderful, magical things with their hardware. But can they really back up their claims?

Look for a vendor whose quality management system has been certified as sound by a third-party source that specializes in this type of appraisal. When a source comes in and scrutinizes your vendor’s processes, you know that they conduct business in accordance with higher quality principles.

Preferably, your best bet is to work with a vendor that is ISO 9001:2008-certified. This way you can be absolutely sure that a reliable, proven third party source has endorsed their processes and commitment to providing quality equipment.

The lesson here is to always make sure you Know Your Source to get reliability and peace of mind from your network hardware vendor.