Know Your Source® and Get a Networking Hardware Vendor With the Ability to Meet Your Needs

We’re continuing to expound upon the virtues you get when you Know Your Source® for networking hardware. We’ve recently discussed value, ease and assurance – now it’s time to talk about your vendor’s ability.

Any company’s offerings are only as good as the teams that support them. A vendor may have noble intentions of providing quality refurbished network equipment, but can they deliver on that objective if the teams they have in place don’t have the expertise to carry it out?

Skilled technicians lead to quality networking hardware.

So who exactly is carrying out their refurbishing procedures? It’s one thing to try to implement a thorough process, but does that do you any good if the people handling it don’t have the expertise to be able to do it correctly?

For instance, CXtec's skilled technicians have decades of combined experience testing and have helped define our meticulous certification process.

Look for a vendor that has a certification team with this level of experience. You’ll know without a doubt that their process is carried about by technicians with the skill and knowledge to understand exactly what they’re doing.

Your own rep means an understanding of your needs.

Does your current vendor have a dedicated sales rep that deals with you every time? They should. It makes a great deal of difference.

If every time you call them you get a new rep that you have to explain your situation to, eventually you get sub-par service. What you need is a vendor that assigns a single rep to you so that the rep knows your unique needs and situation. That way they already understand your network and the solutions you employ. They can anticipate your needs and provide service geared specifically to your unique circumstances.

Tech support answers your pre-sale questions.

Does your vendor also have a technical support team? It’s a winning scenario: your sales rep understands your network, helps you set up a plan for what hardware you need, then tech support answers your pre-sale technical questions and ensures you implement the best solution to meet your needs. You can’t beat that.

But if there’s no tech support there to assist in the process, then what is the vendor’s motivation? To just sell you the hardware and make their quick buck? How does that help you?

Look for a vendor that has technical support and product managers with manufacturer training and both a high level of expertise about the technology, and an in-depth understanding of the industry in general.

A certification facility, not just a warehouse.

Where does your vendor carry out their certification process? Do they have a technical facility, or do they just have a warehouse?

Ideally, you want your vendor to employ a sophisticated facility that they’ve invested in. This will alert you to their dedication to the quality of their product. As an example, CXtec certifies our equal2new equipment in an 70,000 square foot certification center that is electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected and capable of handling inventory to meet all of our customers’ needs.

If your vendor doesn’t have a facility that can handle this level of sophistication, you have to question the quality of the product they deliver.

Your vendor’s ability affects the integrity of your network.

It’s a wise move to Know Your Source. Questioning your vendor’s ability is a great way to assure they can adequately meet your needs, no matter what they might be. Don’t let a vendor’s inability negatively affect the well-being of your networking infrastructure.