IT Professionals Need to Understand Their Business

IT & Business

There is a shift happening in the world of information technology.  Of course, the technology is always changing.  That is not the significant shift, though. 

IT is becoming more about driving business.  

That means IT professionals need to understand business, more specifically their own company’s business.  This also applies to education, healthcare, non-profits, and other organizations.

The traditional role of IT has been to use technology to improve operations, communications, data collection, data usage, information systems and information flow.

Going forward, IT will be expected to use their assets and resources to drive business.  In order to use IT to drive business, one must understand business.  They must know their organization’s business.

From our experience talking to CIOs and IT executives, this shift is happening now.  For some, this is happening swiftly.  If you are a “tech guy” and lack business knowledge and skills, it’s a good idea to start building a good business knowledge base.  If you do have a solid general knowledge of business, it’s a good opportunity to brush up and use it to your advantage.

Top IT Professionals Are Top Business Professionals

This means having solid business acumen. This means knowing how your organization makes money. It means understand the costs of your company and where there is room for improvement. It means understanding your industry and your competition.  It means understanding the economy and its relevance to your company.

One thing that could help is having a good reading list. You can use an RSS reader like The Old Reader, Feedly, or Digg Reader to set up a reading list for business and technology that can inform and educate you.    Plus, you can even tailor your twitter account to be a kind of news and information feed from quality content producers. That way you can stay on top of things.

As this shift happens, it’s smart to have a well-balanced information diet covering business and technology topics.  This way you will be better prepared to use business driven technology to be the best IT pro you can be.