Is the End of the Desktop Phone Drawing Near?

UC capabilities could transform the traditional concept of the desktop phone

By Katie Taisey, CXtec Product Manager

Do you still have a landline? According to a government survey done in 2014, four in 10 U.S. homes don’t have a landline and choose to use cell phones only. It is probably safe to say more people are dropping their traditional home phone for cell phone use.

Will this same pattern fit into the business environment?

Are more businesses implementing offices without a traditional business desk phone?

Microsoft stated in their Q2 2014 Earning Conference Call that Lync revenue grew over 25%.   

Here’s a small excerpt from that call:

“…SharePoint, Exchange and Lync continue to perform well, with Lync growing over 25%. We are excited about the unified communications opportunity, as we combine the enterprise richness of Lync and the global reach of Skype to transform the communications experience.”

The implementation of PC-based soft phones is increasing, and headset manufacturers are using this adoption to focus on product offerings that will complement Unified Communications (UC) platforms. For example, a Plantronics case study described how a company implemented Microsoft Lync and gave their employees the choice of having a desk phone or going with a headset/soft solution. According to the company, 25% selected a softphone headset solution.

This sounds about right for what we are seeing with our CXtec customers as well. Many companies are adopting Lync or other UC platforms with softphones, but the majority of those customers are also purchasing desk phones designed to be used with those systems.

Will office desks look different in the future? Of course they will, but will there be a telephone – as we would currently define one – on those desks? Only time will tell.

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Article from CXtec's President

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