Introducing the CABLExpress H+ Fiber Optic Enclosures

Our CABLExpress division has introduced the next generation in fiber optic enclosures. Our innovative new H+ Enclosures have raised the bar, providing the highest port density currently offered in the industry. Hplus4U_C4_LR

As you migrate to higher speeds, there’s simply no easier way to get optimum usability and manageability. Check out these benefits:

The benefits of density

In all of the data centers we see and work with, the primary commodity is always space. It’s hard to come by and nearly impossible to get more of. With the highest port density around, H+ Enclosures help you save maximum space. The 1U has 72 duplex LC ports, the 2U has 144, and the 4U has 288.

Ideal usability and manageability

The features on every H+ Enclosure make them easy and convenient to work with. They each have:

  • An individual sliding tray and slide out modules for easy access to front and rear ports

  • A cable management trough and side tie-down areas for uniform cable routing

  • Angled cable management brackets to maintain proper bend radius and connector protection

  • A removable back and lid to allow installation from both the front and rear


The best performance in the world

With CABLExpress, you get unrivaled quality that equals superior performance. The maximum loss in our modules is 0.4dB. That’s the best in the industry. We use only the best components in our products because our goal is to ensure these products last through multiple generations of hardware upgrades in your data center.

And what’s more, H+ Enclosures are backed by a lifetime warranty, like every CABLExpress brand product. So you get peace of mind standard when you work with us.

To learn even more about our H+ fiber optic enclosures, just click here.