How much could a hybrid maintenance solution save you?

Hybrid maintenance is a smart way to lower operating expenses (OPEX) and maximize your uptime. CXtec recently took part in a project that illustrates the benefits of hybrid support.

  • Jul 13, 2015
  • RapidCare, hybrid support, TPM, third-party maintenance

Nathan Hock | CXtec Product Engineer

In a recent post, we described how hybrid maintenance is a smart way to lower operating expenses (OPEX) and maximize your uptime. Theories are really nice and all, but let’s look at how a hybrid maintenance solution could work in a real-world scenario. CXtec recently took part in a project that illustrates the benefits of hybrid support perfectly.

A hybrid support solution case study

A large organization that sells product worldwide came to us with a problem – OEM service contract costs were causing them to see red. The organization asked for a flexible maintenance program that would keep its factory networks up and running, yet save them considerable OPEX budget. Our team wanted to learn as much as we could about this organization’s needs, so we:

  • Reviewed their service level agreement (SLA) needs to determine what turnaround/availability the organization required.
  • Catalogued the massive list of equipment the organization had for its offices and manufacturing plants.
  • Took into account that much of the organization’s LAN/WAN equipment was very old. While this equipment would need to be replaced in case of a failure, we also sized the pricing/length of our maintenance offering to take into account that a replacement might also be an upgrade (this affected the organization’s spares program).
  • Recommended an OEM maintenance contract with onsite support for some remote sites with no technical personnel. In the long run this solution saved the organization money by not having to deploy one of its own technicians for any issues.
  • Shortened the overall turnaround time on critical manufacturing floor failures by strengthening the organization’s spares program. We even added our RapidCare® next-business-day (NBD) replacement in some cases to replenish the spares program where needed.

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The benefits

In the end, this organization saved a significant amount of money by blending OEM maintenance contracts along with CXtec’s RapidCare NBD hardware replacement. Doing this in parallel with a strong spares program to reduce turnaround time left the organization pleased and in a good position to minimize their risk of downtime.

A Hybrid support solution is simply a smart way to right-size your coverage. You get customized support that works for your needs.


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