Grow Your Wireless Network the Wise Way

By Dave Brenon, Cisco Product Manager


Is your wireless network growing? Of course it is; isn’t everybody’s?

As this happens, you’re forced to add access points and purchase more licenses to handle that larger quantity of APs. Which is fine, but it’s important to consider the strategy you use.

Making a smart decision can allow you to potentially save big budget money. If you are using Cisco 2504 or 5508 controllers, the costs of licensing are astronomical.

High-Priced Cisco Adder Licenses

Check out the list prices for the Cisco 5508 adder licenses:

 Part Number  Description  Price
 LIC-CT5508-25A  25 AP Adder License for the 5508 Controller  $12,495.00
 LIC-CT5508-50A  50 AP Adder License for the 5508 Controller  $21,495.00
 LIC-CT5508-100A  100 AP Adder License for the 5508 Controller  $32,495.00
 LIC-CT5508-250A  250 AP Adder License for the 5508 Controller  $58,495.00


Suppose you get discounts. Even if you apply those discounts, you might still be paying way too much.

Consider this example: You have an AIR-CT5508-100-K9 and you want to add a 50 adder license. If we assume you get a 40% off discount, your cost will be $12,897. Now your controller can handle up to 150 access points, but you paid a premium price.

Consider an Alternative

Rather than springing for the expensive adder licenses, you could trade in your current AIR-CT5508-100-K9 and buy a pre-owned AIR-CT5508-250-K9. It’s a pretty safe bet that your costs will be about the same or better, and in this case you would have a controller that can handle up to 250 access points.

You’d get yourself a whole new controller with the license quantity you need for the price of just the licenses alone! That amounts to cost savings and being prepared for future growth.

If you choose a quality vendor of pre-owned network hardware, you can also get a lifetime warranty and the quality to provide peace of mind on your investment. That’s cost savings, a plan for the future, and the assurance that you’ve made a wise decision for the stability of your wireless network.

Before running out and buying licensing to upgrade your controller, consider upgrading yours with a larger controller and save a ton of money.