CXtec Helps Keep Networks Up and Costs Down Worldwide

world-mapIt's no secret that at CXtec we help companies keep their networks up and their costs down. We've been doing this since 1978.  We specialize in offering quality pre-owned network hardware with lifetime warranty that performs as reliably as new hardware...or better  (equal2new).  We also provide high performance cabling solutions and cable products.

What some might not know is that we do this all over the planet.  We are helping customers all over the globe reduce the costs of their networking infrastructure - from switches to routers to phones to cables.

We have a fantastic international team that provides service and customer support to our customers.


And for our Spanish speaking friends across the globe...

we have plenty of representatives who are happy to help you.

To get you a little more acquainted with us and our international team check out the following videos.

If you'd like to learn more about our international team you can click here or contact them.







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