Cool Technology Trends for Summer of 2014

It’s getting closer to the official start of summer.   With the start of the season of sun and fun, we thought we’d share some cool, interesting, and borderline frightening technology trends for the summer.    We scoured the interwebs and put tut together a list just for you.

So, let’s get right to it.

Tech Trends for the Summer 2014

Villainous Pop Culture Toasters

Vader…rye toast….now!  I find your lack of butter disturbing.

Star Wars Toaster

Folding Fusion Bikes

At first glance this high tech bike looks like the high tech mini version of the old fashioned bike with the big front wheel.  And it makes one ask “how do I ride this bike?”.  But here’s the thing. This bike can reach speeds of 23 kilometers per hour and be folded up to the size of a briefcase in about 20 seconds.  So, if you like to get exercise on your lunch or are in a city environment…Bob’s your uncle.

folding high tech bike

Tortoiseshell Eco Vehicles

This scooter is all about three things. (a) Small size (b) fuel efficient (c) renewable energy.

And it has an interesting design.

tortoiseshell scooter

Cycle Spun Laundry

How about a bike that does laundry?  No, this is not a cartoon gag. Check it out.

Posture Adjusting Bikes

Continuing with the bike theme, here is a bike that considers your posture.  A wonderful idea since we are all built slightly different.

Self-sterilizing Keyboards

Cool concept.  Forget all the Lysol, hand sanitizer, and so on.  This self-sterilizing keyboard could be a big help during cold and flu season.

Home Brewing Guidance Devices

The BrewNanny helps you through the home beer-making process.  If you considered home brewing but were scared off by the process, this might be a neat gadget to help you get started.

Flapping Wing Energy Generators

This energy generator looks very sci-fi.  It’s a curiously cool design. That alone got it on this list.

wing flapping energy generator


Portable Cable Compartments

We love cable management here, this personal cable gadget scores with us.   Keep those cables organized, people.

Portable Solar Panels

Compact, portable gear seems to be an emerging trend.  These portable solar panels are no exception.  Bravo to those trying to be create practical and efficient energy products.

Calorie Counting Photo Apps

How cool is this. Submit pic of your food and get your calorie count.  Super cool.

Smartphone Golf Training Systems

Golf is popular.  In fact, for many it’s an addiction.  There is an obsession among golfers to shave strokes and improve their game.  A Smartphone golf training system is sure to be a hit with plenty of golfers out there.

smartphone golf training system

Wearable Technology

This is a trend that goes hand-in-hand with the trend toward more compact tech.  People like to be connected. They think it is convenient, cool, and sometimes extremely useful.  With wearable technology as sophisticated Google Glass emerging, it’s likely that all sorts of other wearable tech will make their way into the marketplace.

Small / Compact Audio

High quality audio that travels well.  It’s come a long way from the boom box.   Just take a look at this high quality compact audio device.

More Connected Cars & Homes

People want to be connected all the time.  That’s just how it is.  This means cars and homes will be more connected.   As this year continues, look for more tech to be introduced to push this trend along.

Smart TV Will See Big Growth

Smart TV is getting popular and according to numbers, seeing huge growth.  This is part of a growing trend of transferring power of choice and flexibility to the user.   The future of TV can’t be entirely known, but this trend seems sure to continue.

3D Printing Evolving Even More

The world has already seen some amazing things from 3D printing.   However, from the looks of things it’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Look for 3D printing to continue to grow a lot.

Natural Language Searches

Google and other companies developing smarter search engines that understand context better.  For instance, Google’s synonym engine that was included with their Hummingbird update.  Theoretically, this will improve search, which in turn will make our lives easier and better.


Drones are going to be used in all kinds of new ways.  Yes, they have been a bit controversial in the past.  However, this technology will be used in all kinds of creative ways from real estate photography to delivering packages...or even pizza.  It will be one step closer to a being a Jetsons kind of world.

Thanks to the following websites that were a big help putting this list.,, and  Check out their websites for more trends and all kinds of cool stuff.