Clear your mind of sticker shock

Dave McCormick, Product Manager

I had a customer ask for pricing on a high-end router recently. The sticker shock threw them into a panic. Have you ever been here? You’re looking for reliable network hardware equipment, but the price resembles your house payment.

Now is the time to take a step back and evaluate what your true needs are.

In this exchange, the customer gladly accepted an invitation to speak to one of our Cisco engineers. After describing his needs, it was determined a Layer 3 switch would meet his needs at considerably less cost.


Is Layer 3 right for you?

A Layer 3 switch will not be the answer in every situation where routing is needed, but here are some basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Are the advanced features of the router you selected features you will use? This is a major driver of high cost.
  • Will you need to use the unit as a PBX? A Firewall? If not, a Layer 3 switch may be an option.
  • Will you require WAN interfaces? If not, Layer 3 switch still in play.
  • Could you take advantage of the Ethernet port density that the Layer 3 switch will give you?

Once you have considered the above, reach out a Value Added Reseller, like CXtec, to further discuss your needs. They can help you determine the right fit and maybe save you some money as well!