Product Brief: Cisco 3750 Switches

Cisco 3750 Switches  - StackedThe Cisco 3750 Catalyst Switch is a staple of the Cisco product line.   IT Pros and IT departments in all kinds of companies have chosen the Cisco 3750 switch. Let’s take a look at the Cisco 3750 Switch and what it can do for your organization’s network.


Cisco 3750 Switches Overview

The Catalyst 3750 is capable of supporting data, calls and video all inside of one chassis. It supports voice switching as well as firewalls. The device is also capable of utilizing a wide area network (WAN) as well as a virtual private network (VPN). This means that users can connect with their organization remotely. Additionally, this device can utilize application software to support functions such as word processing and other means of communication.



Cisco 3750 SwitchCisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch:  Product Features



  • This model is Internet Protocol Version 6, or IpV6, compatible. It will still operate on IpV4, but that system is on its way out. Soon the whole Web will use Ipv6 and this switch will be able to handle the transition.

  • The Catalyst 3750 is able to support expansion without any disruptions. It can store up to nine switches in one compartment.

  • The Catalyst 3750 runs on an internal AC power supply or through a separate RPS unit. It is more energy efficient and environmentally friendlier than previous Cisco switch models.

  • This product is Wi-Fi accessible.




Cisco 3750 Switches Video:

Want to know how to stack Cisco 3750 Switches properly?  Watch this 3 minute video.