Busting the Reliability Myth: Why Used Network Hardware is as Good as New

Time and again, we have brought up various reasons why quality used network hardware is as good as new.  When it comes to any network hardware device, the term refurbished might not sound particularly appealing, however, that’s probably because not many people are aware of the stringent process that equipment has to go through before being qualified as a refurbished product. Another term for this process is reconditioning.

From a consumer standpoint, think of the countless refurbished cell phones that are distributed daily from carriers for customers who are not in the position to purchase a brand new phone every time they crack their screen or drop their smartphone in water.

The notion that just because a switch, router or even a conference phone has been used before makes it less reliable is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, some would argue that based on the rigorous testing and re-testing that pre-owned equipment has to endure before it is even considered qualified to become refurbished, pre-owned is the next best thing to a brand new device.  Not to mention the fact that warranties ensure that in the event something happens to your phone or switch, you can send it back hassle-free.  Oh, and don’t forget that used equipment can be up to 90 percent cheaper than new network hardware when dealing with the right distributor.