Bacon Recipe of the Month for our Friends in IT - Louisville Hot Brown

As a gift to our friends in IT, we are once again sharing a recipe for a delicious dish that features bacon.  For this recipe we are going back to the 1930s.  It was a created back at the Brown Hotel in Louisvile, Kentucky.

Louisville Hot Brown

You ready for this?

Open face sandwich layered with sliced turkey and tomato. No big deal, right?

Wait for it…

Open face sandwich on crusty bread, layered with sliced roast turkey breast and tomatoes, covered in a white cheddar cheeses sauce and topped off with a plentiful layer of crumbled bacon.

This is a brilliant idea.  What a combination of flavors.

Early versions of this were made with country ham, so if you want to go pork crazy give that a try!

Here is a photo of this beauty…

Bacon Recipe, Louisville Hot Brown The Louisville Hot Brown, also known as The Kentucky Brown - photo from[/caption]

For something so delicious, you would think this would take a long time to make.  Actually, it’s pretty easy to make and doesn’t take that long.


  1. You make a quick cheese sauce.

  2. You crisp up some bacon.

  3. You make the sandwich.




Here’s the recipe and directions to make the Louisville Hot Brown. 

Keep in mind that many people do these slightly different, so prepare this according to your preferences.



Here’s a neat video from a friendly Youtuber on how to make this delicious sandwich.









Here’s a video of an ABC News piece on the Hot Brown.