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Is the Global Chip Shortage Affecting Your Ability to Get IT Hardware? You Have Options.

The global microchip shortage is a big deal. In fact, the global chip shortage is causing all kinds of problems and disruptions for companies, consumers and the economy. The information technology industry is no exception. 

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What is Cisco Multigigabit and Why Should I Care?

The main benefit to Multigigabit is that it’s for switches that have the latest/greatest 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless APs connected to them. The term refers to a port’s ability to connect to devices (like APs) that require more than 1 gig of throughput. If you really want to get technical, ...

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5 Advantages of Using Third-Party Maintenance Instead of OEM Services

You have your network up and running, and you’re seriously considering your recovery plan and your maintenance options. Who do you turn to? The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or a third-party maintenance provider?  ...

What the Watt? PoE, PoE+ and now PoE++

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is the ability to pass both power and data over twisted pair Ethernet cabling. The first PoE standard - 802.3af - was introduced in 2003 and was quickly adopted all over networks because of its usefulness. ...

Choosing the Right Cisco Router for Your Business

As a dedicated IT specialist, you’re constantly wearing a number of different hats. Sometimes it’s a fireman helmet, putting out fires across the network. Other times it’s a headset, helping C-level leaders stage company events. Or it’s a doctor’s reflecting mirror, performing surgery to keep business humming along. A popular ...

The Pros and Cons of Buying Used Cisco Products vs. New Ones

While buying new is certainly an option, purchasing pre-owned apparel can save you some serious money. This doesn’t just apply to designer clothing—it can apply to that expensive networking equipment you have your eye on too. ...

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Push Start Your Network

There are a lot of purchases we make in life that lead to buyer’s remorse. Taking the time to do the proper research and weigh out all of your options should always be first priority. It’s crucial that you consider what features best support your organization’s unique needs--depending on its ...

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The ABCs of UPS

“Just quote me a UPS.” ...


Top 3 Cool Features of Juniper

All network hardware manufacturers have their pros (and cons) that set them apart from their competition. Understanding these differences will help guide you to make smart decisions on how to justify your technology investments. If you’re considering Juniper hardware for your network, check out these three really cool features. ...

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What is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)?

Third-party maintenance (TPM) programs are hardware support solutions provided by vendors independent of the OEM. TPM is a subject matter that is garnering a great deal of attention in today’s climate of discovering creative ways to extend technology budgets. TPM offerings are essential in a hybrid support model – which ...

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