June 20, 2012
Increasing Data Center Performance Through Effective dB Loss Management

CABLExpress is hosting a webinar on June 28. Space is limited, so reserve your Webinar seat now!

By cxadmin
June 18, 2012
The "Can't Miss" Learning Opportunity for IT Pros - NY Tech Summit

We did a post last week reminding everyone that NY Tech Summit is this Thursday and Friday, June 21-22. CXtec is a presenting sponsor! And we wrote another post giving you 5 outstanding reasons why you should attend.

By Jake
June 15, 2012
5 Reasons IT Professionals Should Be Going To NY Tech Summit

As a proud sponsor of NY Tech Summit, we love this event.  It's a unique information technology conference that really provides all who attend something valuable.

By Rick
June 13, 2012
NY Tech Summit is Almost Here!

There's still time to register for New York's premier technology conference and IT trade show! CXtec is one of NY Tech Summit's presenting sponsors and we're looking forward to meeting with a wide variety of IT professionals and vendors. The event takes place next week, June 21 and 22, at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY.

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June 11, 2012
More Federal E-Waste Regulation Coming Soon

Looks like the federal government will be further cracking down on e-waste soon. According to an article from SmartPlanet, a recent statement from government officials states, “Any contractor that purchases electronics through federal funds will be barred from sending the device to landfills.”

By Jake
June 8, 2012
5 Big Reasons Sales Professionals Say They Love Working At CXtec

CXtec is a unique company. Ask any customer who has visited our headquarters or toured our certification and distribution center. Each year during customer events, we bring in new people and give them a closer look at our company. They almost always comment on our culture and the quality of our testing and certification facilities. The other thing we hear is how much people like working with their sales representative.

By Rick
June 6, 2012
CXtec Open House

On Tuesday, June 12, from noon to 7:00 pm, we will open the doors of our World Headquarters for you to experience our unique culture. Come speak with us – we’ll be offering tours of our facility, information about our world-class organization, and the opportunity to learn more about a new career with CXtec.

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June 4, 2012
3 Helpful Tips About the Cisco 7900 Series

Sometimes when looking at the Cisco 7900 Series IP phone line, things seem to be about as clear as mud. Now we’re all smart people, but even smart people get a little confused about things that should be obvious, but just aren’t. So here are a few helpful tips about the Cisco 7900 Series phones to hopefully help clear up some questions you might have.

By Jake
June 1, 2012
1.21 Zettabytes! Great Scott!

Okay, we're having a little fun with one of the memorable quotes from Dr. Emmet Brown, but this really is a wow moment.

By Rick
May 30, 2012
CABLExpress Webinar: Taking Your Network to 40/100G Ethernet

With the ratification of new industry standards and increased demands on data center throughput, 40/100G Ethernet will be an integral component of the next generation data center.

By cxadmin
May 28, 2012
Happy Memorial Day!

We at CXtec wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. It’s nice to have a day off, and how awesome is it that the unofficial start of summer has arrived?

By Jake
May 25, 2012
A Cool Story of How Technology Is Helping Kids Learn

In the world of information technology, people are trying to create new ways to better manage and use information to create better solutions, make more money, make people's lives easier and do new things people never imagined. In short,  it's helping people.

By Rick
May 23, 2012
Are you embracing BYOD?

Frank Kobuszewski, vice president of Technology Solutions Group here at CXtec, writes a blog post for Network World's Cisco Subnet community. His latest topic: BYOD.

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May 21, 2012
The Top 5 Reasons Your Data Center Wants You to Watch Cable Talk

Hopefully you’ve seen, or at least heard of, the CABLExpress® Cable Talk™ video series. Maybe you’ve even watched a few episodes, and picked up some helpful tidbits of info.

By Jake
May 18, 2012
Getting Rid Of Used Network Hardware: Ignore These 3 Rules At Your Peril

I recently asked IT professionals on Spiceworks this question.

I got lots of replies with a variety of answers. It was good that I asked because it was a learning experience.

Here is a sampling of the kinds of responses I received:

By Rick
May 16, 2012
How do you respect layer one?

Our friends at CABLExpress are holding a contest where you could win a pizza party for your team!

By cxadmin
May 14, 2012
Choosing Your Cisco Catalyst Switch the Easy Way

You know how complicated choosing the right Cisco Catalyst switch for your networking needs can be. There are, quite literally, infinite possibilities for what switches you can get, how you can configure them, and what functionalities you want them running. It’s enough to boggle the mind.

By Jake
May 11, 2012
Cable Connector Guide Is A Simple, Helpful Tool

Sometimes people just want a quick, simple tool to help them out.  They need an answer or have to find some information, and they don't want to spend lots of time and energy to get it.

By Rick
May 9, 2012
CABLExpress Webinar: Taking Your Network to 40/100G Ethernet

With the ratification of new industry standards and increased demands on data center throughput, 40/100G Ethernet will be an integral component of the next generation data center

By cxadmin
May 7, 2012
How to Avoid Spending Too Much on Hardware Maintenance

One overlooked opportunity for savings is your hardware maintenance program. Many times we find that IT professionals see maintenance as a necessary evil. They often think, “I spent all this budget money on these high-priced switches, of course I have to invest in a maintenance program no matter the cost.”

By Jake