December 28, 2012
Call for Speakers - NY Tech Summit

Are you an IT professional or industry expert interested in sharing your ideas with hundreds of other experienced IT pros? You're in luck!

By jking
December 21, 2012
CXtec Holiday Hours

To allow us to spend time with our loved ones this holiday season, we have adjusted our regular business hours, keeping in mind that you still need to keep your networks up and running. This post is just a quick reference so you know when to reach out to us.

By jking
December 20, 2012
Cisco SMARTnet Alternative: RapidCare NBD Hardware Replacement

There are people out there who are searching for an alternative to Cisco SMARTnet. Why? Is there something wrong with Cisco SMARTnet? No. Not at all. However, Cisco SMARTnet has the same problem all products and services have. No single product can be everything to everybody.

By Rick
December 18, 2012
Just How Manageable is Your Data Center?

We recently discussed getting optimum performance and design for your data center. The concept of proper design leading to optimum performance carries over to getting ideal manageability as well.

By Jake
December 14, 2012
Adopt a Platoon Program

Every year, the CXtec and TERACAI teams identify and adopt a platoon that is serving overseas. In correspondence with their family members, we have learned how important it is for these soldiers to feel support from all of us back home - to remind them that we are truly thankful for the sacrifices they are making for our country.

By jking
December 10, 2012
The Difference a Well-Designed Data Center Can Make For You

A proper, well thought-out design allows a data center’s structured cabling system to be efficient and clean. That being said though, it’s amazing how often we’ll see customers running into major issues with their cabling because of holes in their data center design.

By Rick
December 7, 2012
Is the Age of the Password Over?

A recent article on Wired discusses at length about how the password just isn't cutting it anymore. This string of letters and numbers, and sometimes random characters if we're feeling extremely cautious (or if they're even allowed), keeps our personal and confidential information about as secure as a locked door on a convertible. Okay, maybe that's a stretch - but the point is clear that the passwords that we all feel protected by, are simply not enough in today's tech-savvy society.

By jking
December 5, 2012
Information Technology + Online Learning = Game Changers

Online learning is changing the world.   It's true.   Sure, online learning  may be in its youth, but it looks like it will continue to grow.

By Rick
December 3, 2012
Know Your Source® and Get Reliability and Peace of Mind From Your Networking Hardware Vendor

We go to great lengths to let you know the benefits you get when you Know Your Source™ for networking equipment.

By Jake
December 2, 2012
Holiday Party & Make-A-Wish Auction

This weekend, the CXtec and TERACAI teams attended our annual holiday party at Turning Stone Resort. While we all had a great time, the most important part of the night was not dinner and dancing, but the silent auction that was held to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central New York. Each year, we work with the Foundation to adopt a wish, so that we can help one child's dream come true. This past year, we granted our friend Caleb his wish of going to Universal Studios and Disney World.

By jking
November 28, 2012
Want to Reduce Data Center Cabling? You're In Luck.

If your are looking to reduce the amount of data center cabling there is good news for you.  Now, with the help of CABLExpress®, you can reduce your data center cabling by up to 33%.  CABLExpress has announced significant reduction in Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Optic Patch Cord size.

By Rick
November 26, 2012
How to Get Optimum Data Center Performance the Right Way

Every now and again, we’re not above tooting the horn of our data center cabling and hardware manufacturing division, CABLExpress. We talk to customers all the time about how they’re looking for top throughput speeds and high-performance in their data centers.

By Jake
November 23, 2012
Behind the Scenes: Black Friday

To many, Black Friday is the official start of the holiday shopping season and is a day to snag great deals on hundreds of products. Waiting in endless lines for the newest tech gadget, discounted TV or the latest toy of the season is a welcomed inconvenience for the money that could be saved. In a way, Black Friday is the survival of the fittest personified in holiday shopping chaos.

By jking
November 19, 2012
5 Questions You Should Ask About the Vendor You Sell Your Networking Hardware To

Of course it just makes perfect sense to know your source when you’re buying networking hardware from them, but have you considered that you should also know who you’re selling your used equipment to? You should. Here are five questions you should be asking.

By Jake
November 16, 2012
CXtec and TERACAI at Dome Donation Day

CXtec and TERACAI helped the Syracuse Salvation Army kick off its annual Red Kettle Campaign at Dome Donation Day on Saturday, November 10.

By jking
November 14, 2012
Cabling Infrastructure Is Becoming Increasingly Important.

I had the good pleasure to speak with my friend JT at CABLExpress recently and I asked him a few questions about trends in the cable world.  One thing he stressed was that with increasing demand for higher speeds, the importance of your cabling infrastructure will also increase.

By Rick
November 12, 2012
Know Your Source® and Get the Stability of a Proven Network Hardware Partner

When you Know Your Source® for networking hardware you get added value, ease, assurance, and ability – so today we’d like to show the benefits of working with a partner with true stability.

By Jake
November 9, 2012
Fun at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

This week we had a customer event at Dallas Cowboys stadium where we held three educational sessions and then went on tours of the stadium - something not many get to experience! No matter which NFL team we cheer for, we all learned a lot and had a fun time doing it.

By jking
November 7, 2012
5 Key Benefits Of Using Cisco 6500 Series Switches

Smart Investments Require Smart Decisions - The Cisco 6500 Series Switches isn't for everyone nor right for all business needs. However, if you are thinking about considering making an investment in switching hardware, check out this smart buyer’s guide to the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series.

By Rick
November 5, 2012
FREE CABLExpress Data Center Structured Cabling White Paper

We just wanted to make you aware of some great news. The experts at our CABLExpress® division recently released a new Data Center Structured Cabling Guide and it’s available for FREE!

By Jake