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Is the Global Chip Shortage Affecting Your Ability to Get IT Hardware? You Have Options.

The global microchip shortage is a big deal. In fact, the global chip shortage is causing all kinds of problems and disruptions for companies, consumers and the economy. The information technology industry is no exception. 

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Warning: Don't Gamble With Network Downtime. Don't Make This Perilous Mistake.

IT professionals who work in and manage networks always stress the importance of performance and uptime. Downtime is a very bad word in the IT world. ...


Happy Independence Day from CXtec!

Please note CXtec offices will be closed Wednesday, July 4. Enjoy the holiday! ...


Why should you be concerned about dB loss?

CABLExpress recently hosted a webinar titled “Increasing Data Center Performance Through Effective dB Loss Management.” You can view the archived version below. ...


CXtec Helps Keep Networks Up and Costs Down Worldwide

It's no secret that at CXtec we help companies keep their networks up and their costs down. We've been doing this since 1978.  We specialize in offering quality pre-owned network hardware with lifetime warranty that performs as reliably as new hardware...or better  (equal2new).  We also provide high performance cabling solutions ...


Are Lead Times Important to You? Read This.

There are a lot of reasons to use quality pre-owned network hardware.  Among them is the clear cost benefit. ...


CXtec Named in UBM 2012 Solution Provider 500 List

CXtec was recognized by UBM Channel as a part of CRN's 2012 Solution Provider 500 list, which ranks the top technology integrators in North America. ...


5 Simple Reasons You Should Be Grateful For The IT Professional

Let's face it. People take the IT professional for granted. People go about their day taking for granted all of the resources IT makes possible and manages on a daily basis. Think about all that we do with information every day. We can sit down at our desk and do ...


Cisco ASA: Answers, Sources, Helpful Links

So, we thought we’d follow that up with a simple post with a collection of resources, answers, and helpful links for the Cisco ASA all in one place.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s one of those blog posts that, if you bookmark it, you will have a handy reference tool ...


The Shocking Truth About Network Hardware Failures (and a Proven Way to Protect Yourself)

When it comes to building your network, you don't want to take any chances. Network hardware failures mean lots of lost money and major stress and are the last thing anyone wants! Therefore nothing but the most reliable network hardware will suffice. ...