5 Advantages of Using Third-Party Maintenance Instead of OEM Services

You have your network up and running, and you’re seriously considering your recovery plan and your maintenance options. Who do you turn to? The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or a third-party maintenance provider? 

  • Mar 21, 2017

You have your network up and running, and you’re seriously considering your recovery plan and your maintenance options. Who do you turn to? The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or a third-party maintenance provider?

Let’s get our minds out of the present dilemma, and look at the choice you’re faced with from a different angle. What if you were looking for a specific item—maybe a rare baseball card, or an action figure from your favorite movie, or even a game to fit your vintage NES System.

Some of these things you could find online from the original company or manufacturer that created it, but wouldn’t it be better if you could save money and get a streamlined, personal experience? You’d look no further than your local comic book and collectibles shop.

Think of a third-party maintenance provider as this shop—filled with knowledgeable guys and gals that can provide you with a simple one-on-one experience, save you money, and extend the life of your technology investment. While OEM services are one option, consider the five main advantages that come with a third-party maintenance provider experience.

1. Save Money

This is a big one for both those rare collectibles and your networking equipment—especially when you’re working with a limited budget. Purchasing a warranty from an OEM can easily be twice as expensive as hiring a third-party maintenance provider. Plus, third-party maintenance companies usually possess a wider variety of skills and experience with multiple manufacturer brands, as well as better service options.

Being able to keep end-of-life equipment functional for a longer amount of time also extends the life of your IT investment, and will help you avoid having to buy new networking equipment until your organization is truly ready for an upgrade.

Saving money is always a good thing, whether it’s the steal you got on a rare Bumble Bobblehead from the classic Rudolph show, or the quality service you’re able to get for less by choosing to go with a third-party maintenance provider.

2. Streamline Your Support

Along with providing you with a single point of contact, third-party maintenance companies can save you valuable time by providing support for multiple manufacturers all wrapped up in a single contract. As a result, you won’t have to juggle several service contracts from OEM manufacturers. You can also eliminate any disputes that would likely occur from dealing with multiple service providers.

Depending on the issue you’re having with your network equipment, third-party maintenance providers are capable of delivering an array of customized service choices and individual attention. Experienced third-party maintenance companies will give you flexible options with multiple service solutions.

3. Availability

Have you ever been looking for a specific issue of a comic book only to realize it’s already considered a back issue? It happens to the best of us—so many good stories, so little time to collect them all. If this is the case, you typically go up to the counter and put in a request to order the back issue you’re looking for online. Then it can be conveniently delivered to the shop, or right to your front doorstep.

This product availability doesn’t just apply to comic books—it also applies to your networking equipment when you’re using a third-party maintenance provider. Most providers are able to source parts quickly when needed from their own inventory. That way you can get the parts you need quickly and you don’t have to worry about blowing your IT budget in the process.

4. Extend the Life of Your Technology

If you’re lucky enough to own an original 1985 NES System, you’re well aware that Nintendo isn’t exactly cranking out new game cartridges for such a dated system. You typically have to look online for specific websites dedicated to selling vintage items or make a trek to your local comic shop. It’s places like this that allow you to extend the life of your precious gaming equipment.      

The same can be said for third-party maintenance providers when it comes to extending the life of your networking equipment. If you suddenly find that your networking hardware is on the original manufacturer’s end-of-life product list, it’s no longer available for sale or able to receive service from the manufacturer.

No need to fear, you can find new life through a third-party maintenance provider. Unlike OEMs, third-party maintenance companies will be able to continue to support your equipment and keep it operational if you’re not quite ready for a full network upgrade.

5. Experienced Technicians

If you have a mix of network equipment products, you won’t find OEM service offerings that will provide support for equipment other than their own. This forces you into complicated service contracts through multiple providers. A reputable third-party maintenance provider should consist of one team of technicians that are experts in a variety of networking equipment from a wide spectrum of manufacturers.

Just like if you were looking for one of the super rare Power Nine Magic cards, but were also interested in finding your favorite Superman comic from your childhood, we’re willing to bet that an individual working at your local comic shop would be willing to help you on both quests, rather than you having to go on two separate excursions.

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