3 Reasons Why Han Solo Would Love Refurbished Networking Hardware

If you’re anything like us here at CXtec, you love two things: refurbished network hardware and, of course, Star Wars. From a cursory glance, these two subject matters seem to have nothing in common. But as we were thinking about it recently, we realized something simple, yet potentially profound. Han Solo would definitely use refurbished networking hardware if he were an IT manager. Why? Let’s look at some evidence.


"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for good refurbished hardware at your side, kid."

1. The Millennium Falcon is the sweetest ride in the galaxy, and it’s made almost entirely of refurbished parts.

It’s a recurring theme in Episodes IV, V and VI. The Falcon is awesome, except for that one little glitch with the hyperdrive. Now that glitch did keep them from making the jump into hyperspace on several occasions, which was a real thorn in the side, but other than that the Falcon was in nearly perfect working order.

And this is despite the fact that it had been around the galaxy’s block a few times and had seen its share of wear and tear. Han and Chewie are shown working on it several times, doing repairs and keeping it in working order, and we have to assume they’re using refurbished and used parts. There is no way they were ordering OEM parts, not with their disdain for the Empire. No way, Han definitely stretched his budget further by getting used and refurbished parts.

So we have a ship that is comprised predominantly of used hardware, making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs and outrunning Imperial starships. Plus, it essentially helps preserve freedom for the good citizens of the galaxy by helping destroy the Death Star twice. Clearly Han’s ingenuity and ability to make the most of his dollar went a long way for the rebellion.

2. “Never tell me the odds.”

What does Han say when 3PO wants to let him know the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field? Yeah that’s right, “Never tell me the odds.” Clearly Han is a man who goes with his gut. He doesn’t sit there held prisoner by indecision, suffering from paralysis by analysis, and always searching for the safest, one-size-fits-all option.

Not our Han. He makes his decisions based on what feels right, and what works best for him. He wouldn’t choose to buy expensive, leading-edge hardware just because the OEM told him it was his safest bet. And he wouldn’t shy away from used gear just because manufacturers tried using scare tactics. No, Han was always confident and self-assured. He would have extended that confidence into his choice to purchase used hardware. He’d choose to get the best value with his hardware, as he clearly did with the Millennium Falcon.

Now just imagine if Han was able to score refurbished network hardware with a 99.51% reliability rating. Now those are odds he could get behind.


You know all about the controversy. How you-know-who changed the scene of the standoff with Greedo. Since we’re old school we stand by the original version and we don’t make any excuses. Han shot Greedo first. It’s that simple. And he was justified.

Greedo was going to sell him out to Jabba. Not cool. Greedo knew exactly the kind of man he was crossing so the second he sat down in that booth he knew the dangers. Han is a man of action and Greedo should have known he would defend himself at all costs.

So why does this show that Han would love refurbished networking hardware? Simple. Because people who use refurbished hardware are awesome. They’re the kind of people who go to every length to get their organizations the best value in their networks. They don’t buy into the manufacturer hype and purchase nothing but new, thereby costing their organization additional budget money.

We need more Han Solos in this galaxy.

The people who utilize refurbished network hardware are the people who use their wits and their guts to deliver top-notch performance at the best price possible. People who are both book smart and street smart, and willing to make wise, real-world decisions that show initiative and courage. People just like Han Solo. We need more people like that.

So the next time you’re spec’ing out some refurb for your projects, walk a little taller, puff out your chest a little more, and know that you’re this galaxy’s Han Solo. But we don’t recommend when your boss asks about your network’s throughput speeds that you say, “She’s fast enough for you, old man.” Ya gotta draw the line somewhere!