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The only call to make for all your used Avaya phone needs

If you have Avaya hardware in your infrastructure, you still have options. CXtec is the ideal technology partner to help you implement any Avaya phone solution you choose and provide Avaya phone system support.

Our equal2new® certified pre-owned networking and voice hardware is backed by a lifetime warranty with advance replacement – your investment is safe.

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Huge savings - up to 90% off list prices

When you choose equal2new, you will save 40% to 90% when compared to manufacturer list prices - freeing up more IT budget dollars.

The best lifetime warranty as standard business practice

On top of huge savings, you also get the peace of mind of a product that is backed by an amazing warranty.

99.51% out-of-the-box reliability rating - equal to or better than new!

Over 20 years of happy customers can attest to the performance and reliability of equal2new equipment. Our reliability rating has stood the test of time with a reliability that is equal to or better than out-of-box new hardware.

Industry-leading testing and certification process

To meet the standard of equal2new, each unit is fully tested. This ensures consistently high quality and performance for our customers.

huge inventory

Huge Inventory of Avaya Phones - Legacy to Leading Edge

When you choose equal2new, you will save 40% to 90% when compared to manufacturer list prices - freeing up more IT budget dollars.


Expertise On Multi-Generational Offerings

Get all your pre-purchase technical questions answered by our highly knowledgeable tech support professional

function properly

We Ensure Each Piece Functions Perfectly 

Each Avaya phone is fully tested in a live network at our ESD-protected, ISO 9001:2015-certified facility.

hardware replacement services - maintenance

RapiCare® next business day advance replacement

Our RapidCare® offering is the quickest, most reliable option to eliminate downtime and guarantee your Avaya phones are back up and running in a hurry. Save on your Avaya maintenance!

get cash for your hardware

We Pay Top Dollar On Avaya Surplus Phones 

We offer cash or credit on account for your used Avaya phones.s.

We’ve offered Avaya equipment for more than 10 years and we continue to provide legacy Nortel hardware. We’ll be here to support your Avaya and Nortel infrastructure for years to come.

equal2new® Avaya 

Experience the difference with equal2new® refurbished Avaya phones

Our testing and refurbishing process on used Avaya phones is both thorough and unique. We change the housing on most used Avaya models. We also change the buttons and designation strips/plastic covers, and we thoroughly clean the phones. This ensures that when you buy used Avaya phone systems for sale your phones are free from blemishes and look brand new.

But what truly sets CXtec apart is our exhaustive testing measures on every used Avaya phone. We test the phones to make sure every function on the phone is operational. We place calls to and from each phone tested and we verify the functionality of every feature on the phones to ensure every equal2new® refurbished Avaya phone (including Avaya 9620) is fully operational.

We don't stop there though. We're not happy until your Avaya refurbished equipment is in your hands and working. So we utilize a stabilizing elastomeric film that holds each Avaya phone secure in its packaging. This keeps it safe and jostle-free during shipping. Then we include all of the accessories in the box with the phone. This means everything needed to make your refurbished Avaya phone work is in the box with it; no separate shipping of other items to be assembled with the phone later.

We also affix a label to the outside of the box so you can tell exactly what's in it (just in case you store it for later use). The serial number, manufacturer part number, and even the MAC address (for each Avaya IP phone) are included on the label, thereby making your system configuration that much easier for you.

As if all this wasn't enough, we also provide Avaya maintenance. You can back your Avaya phones with our RapidCare advance hardware replacement program. CXtec makes Avaya maintenance a breeze!

Save up to 90% Off List

Use refurbished Avaya solutions to your advantage

In the technology infrastructure industry, we all have to find means of making our budget go a long way. What better way is there to do just that than by buying used Avaya phone systems for sale? But don't settle for just any used Avaya equipment. CXtec’s equal2new® refurbished Avaya phones offer the highest quality used Avaya anywhere.

With equal2new, you get performance guaranteed refurbished Avaya phones backed by a lifetime warranty. It's just one of the many ways equal2new Avaya refurbished phones offer you the peace of mind of new hardware, but with savings of up to 90% off list.

Considering Avaya phone maintenance? You can back your Avaya refurbished phones with CXtec's RapidCare® next-business-day advance replacement offering. RapidCare is the most reliable way to ensure uptime in your network and still save up to 50% over traditional OEM maintenance programs. Get your Avaya phone maintenance through CXtec, the partner that meets all your new and used Avaya needs affordably and conveniently.

Get all the performance and reliability of new Avaya phones at a fraction of the cost.

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High-Quality and Flexibility

If you trust the high-quality and flexibility of Avaya phones, and are always looking for ways to stretch your IT budget further, you now have a trusted technology partner for all your used Avaya equipment needs - CXtec.

We understand exactly where you're coming from. Our depth of Avaya phone system support can help you get the most out of both your resources and budget. We have it all, from Avaya phones (analog, digital and IP), line cards and circuit packs to gateways and servers. CXtec is simply the partner you can trust to meet all your used Avaya equipment requirements.

Avaya Phone Packaging

Out-of-Box Packaging Makes Small to Large Deployments of Your Used Avaya Phones Quick & Easy

When it comes to refurbished Avaya phones, CXtec has gone to great lengths to ensure you get everything you need.

Learn more about how we package and ship our Avaya refurbished equipment here.

Avaya Phone Packaging

Avaya Support You Can Rely On

Your Avaya phones deserve superior support. Sure, you could pay a premium price but that will break your budget. 

What if you could get more from your Avaya phone maintenance services?

CXtec’s RapidCare offering can do more than protect just your Avaya phones, we can maintain your entire network system. RapidCare is our third-party maintenance program built to accommodate all your hybrid support strategy needs.

Get the best support for your Avaya phones at 50% to 60% in savings, with a dedicated team of experts and a maintenance strategy built just for you.

RapidCare Maintenance Service Levels for Avaya Phone Support


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • NBD On-Site Service


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • 4-Hour Response Time


  • Tech Support 24 Hours x 7 Days
  • 4-Hour Response Time

We call it RapidCare® because it’s the fastest, easiest way to get the customized support your needs.