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Everything You Want When Purchasing Used Cisco Phones

Cisco Phone / IP / VoIPWe all need phones. You can’t do business without them, so we’re all in the same boat. But how do you get the best quality Cisco phones without blowing your budget to smithereens? You step up to the best refurbished Cisco phones in the market.
  • Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty - Lifetime warranty on all used Cisco phones to give you unrivaled peace of mind.
  • We Ensure Each and Every Cisco Phone Functions Perfectly - Each refurbished Cisco IP phone is fully tested in a live network at our ESD-protected, ISO 9001:2015-certified facility.
  • Expertise On Multi-Generational Offerings - Dedicated Cisco experts and resources - all your pre-purchase technical questions are answered by our highly knowledgeable tech support professionals.
  • Huge Cisco Phone Inventory - From legacy to leading edge - we have the inventory for quick turn around times on used Cisco IP phone orders.


equal2new® - The Right Cisco Phones For Your Needs

equal2new - phones, IP phones, network hardwareCXtec’s equal2new® refurbished Cisco phones set the standard for quality used Cisco equipment.
What is equal2new?
It’s CXtec’s own brand of certified used Cisco phones and Cisco hardware.
But more than that, it’s our promise that every refurbished Cisco phone you receive from us will be equal to – or better than – new. So buy used Cisco phones from us with confidence.
Our equal2new refurbished Cisco IP phones are backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty as a standard business practice. That’s how confident we are in the quality you receive from equal2new used Cisco IP phones.

Cisco IP Phones: equal2new® (Used / Refurbished / Pre-owned)

CXtec offers a wide variety of used / refurbished Cisco phones from our exclusive brand or pre-owned IT equipment...equal2new®


Cisco 7841 IP PhoneCisco 7800 Series IP Phones

  • Cisco 7811 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7821 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7832 IP Phone*
  • Cisco 7841 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7861 IP Phone


Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones

  • Cisco 7906 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7911 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7921 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7925 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7931 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7935 IP Phone*
  • Cisco 7936 IP Phone*
  • Cisco 7937 IP Phone*
  • Cisco 7940 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7941 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7942 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7945 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7960 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7961 Pp Phone
  • Cisco 7962 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7965 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7975 IP Phone
  • Cisco 7985 IP Phone

Cisco 7965 IP Phone




Cisco 8811 IP PhoneCisco 8800 Series IP Phones

  • Cisco 8811 IP Phone
  • Cisco 8821 IP Phone
  • Cisco 8831 IP Phone*
  • Cisco 8832 IP Phone*
  • Cisco 8841 IP Phone
  • Cisco 8845 IP Phone
  • Cisco 8851 IP Phone
  • Cisco 8861 IP Phone
  • Cisco 8865 IP Phone

Cisco 7936 IP Conference PhoneCisco Conference Phones

  • CIsco 7832 IP Conference Phone
  • Cisco 7935 IP Conference Phone
  • Cisco 7936 IP Conference Phone
  • Cisco 7937 IP Conference Phone
  • Cisco 8831 IP Conference Phone
  • Cisco 8832 IP Conference Phone

*Conference phone



The Best Cisco Phone Refurbishing Process In The Business


Our Phone Refurbishing Process Is All About Consistent Quality & Performance

How does CXtec back our equal2new pre-owned Cisco phones with a true lifetime warranty? By putting it through the most stringent certification process around.
We put a great amount of time and pride into developing an in-depth refurbishing process on our equal2new® phones.
Every phone receives maximum quality care and treatment at our 70,000-square-foot, electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC).



Out-of-Box Packaging - Makes Small To Large Deployments Quick & Easy

When it comes to refurbished Cisco phones, CXtec has gone to great lengths to ensure you get everything you need. Learn more about how we package and ship our refurbished Cisco phones here.
  • Each phone packed in its own box
  • Shrink wrapped for safe shipping
  • Out-of-box packaging for easy setup
  • Your fully tested phone is ready-to-go



Maintenance for Your Cisco Hardware

Cisco Maintenance Solutions That Put You In The Driver's Seat

With Cisco being the popular choice for network hardware among IT professionals for several years, the maintenance solution has traditionally been to go with the OEM options.
However, you do have very good choices outside of Cisco SmartNet for your Cisco switches and other hardware. In fact, CXtec has right-sized maintenance solutions for your Cisco gear based on your specific goals and criteria. 


Safe, Secure Hardware Disposal & Value Recovery

network hardware, IT equipment disposalDispose of Your Hardware Wisely

The time comes when it’s time to get rid of your used hardware. Maybe it’s time for a hardware refresh. Perhaps you just have some Catalyst switches, IP phones, or Aironet access points sitting around not doing you much good. As data security gains more and more importance, we can safely and securely dispose of your hardware.
data securityWith cybersecurity being a huge concern, many often overlook valuable organization data on hardware as a potential data breach risk. However, this happens more than you might think. With the average cost of a data breach in the US costing $8.3 million, according to a study by IBM, you want to work with a partner who has the resources, processes, expertise, and certifications to properly handle your used equipment

Get Money for Used Hardware

CXtec gives top dollar for a wide variety of network hardware, including Cisco equipment. This isn’t just a trade-in program either. Whether you are buying something or not, we are always purchasing all kinds of hardware. Here’s the great part.  With our safe, simple, and secure process we make it easy.
1. Fill out a quick form and send us your equipment list
2. We review your equipment list and let you know how much it’s worth
3. Get the highest market value for your equipment

Cisco Product Expertise

product expertsThere is ton of value in having the right Cisco products, maintenance, and support. However, the product experts at CXtec have been making a huge difference for our customers in so many ways.

When you speak about your Cisco product or project needs with our experienced experts, there are a ton of benefits.

  • Avoid unnecessary costs, sometimes in the millions
  • Purchase the ideal hardware for the specific needs
  • Gain valuable advice from working with IT pros like you every day
  • Have an expert resource who understands your business and projects
  • Help you plan for this project and 5 – 10 years from now
  • Extend product life cycles to optimize budget dollars
  • Offer a new approach to conventional OEM conventions