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Used Cisco Phones

We all need phones. You can’t do business without them, so we’re all in the same boat.

But how do you get the best quality Cisco phones without blowing your budget to smithereens?

You step up to the best refurbished Cisco phones in the market.

Everything you want when purchasing used Cisco phones:

  • Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty - Lifetime warranty on all used Cisco phones to give you unrivaled peace of mind.
  • We Ensure Each and Every Cisco Phone Functions Perfectly - Each refurbished Cisco IP phone is fully tested in a live network at our ESD-protected, ISO 9001:2015-certified facility.
  • Expertise On Multi-Generational Offerings - Dedicated Cisco experts and resources - all your pre-purchase technical questions are answered by our highly knowledgeable tech support professionals.
  • Huge Cisco Phone Inventory - From legacy to leading edge - we have the inventory for quick turn around times on used Cisco IP phone orders.

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equal2new® - The right Cisco phones for your needs

CXtec’s equal2new® refurbished Cisco phones set the standard for quality used Cisco equipment.

What is equal2new? It’s CXtec’s own brand of certified used Cisco phones and Cisco hardware.

But more than that, it’s our promise that every refurbished Cisco phone you receive from us will be equal to – or better than – new. So buy used Cisco phones from us with confidence.

Our equal2new refurbished Cisco IP phones are backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty as a standard business practice. That’s how confident we are in the quality you receive from equal2new used Cisco IP phones.

Wide Offering of Cisco Phones

The best Cisco phone refurbishing process in the business

How does CXtec back our equal2new refurbished Cisco phones with a true lifetime warranty? By putting it through the most stringent certification process around.

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Out-of-Box Packaging - Makes Small To Large Deployments Quick & Easy

When it comes to refurbished Cisco phones, CXtec has gone to great lengths to ensure you get everything you need. Learn more about how we package and ship our refurbished Cisco phones here.