Your equipment needs to arrive safely to your facility.

CXtec takes no chances with your equal2new® hardware. Find out how we get it to you safely.

Ensuring all equal2new® equipment arrives at your doorstep quickly and securely

Our team has detailed procedures to ensure accuracy and timeliness in all our shipping. All the certification steps taken previously in our process can be completely undermined if our shipping process is lacking.

It will arrive safely:

  • Efficient, automated processes
  • Foam cushioning on hardware
  • Phones stabilized and protected

We aim to go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure you get the quality you deserve when your equipment arrives at your doorstep.

Our shipping processes ensure you receive your package quickly and safely.

It’s our way of bringing the equal2new® and the CXtec experience full-circle and successful.

To see all the steps in our process, check out:


Every step in our shipping process is electronically automated to ensure accuracy. Orders print out automatically to alert our technicians of impending shipping priorities. We scan in items to obtain all the info on any given order. We confirm part numbers, descriptions and quantity before we box up the order.

It is here that we make our final confirmation, and make any changes necessary to ensure the order is fulfilled accurately. Once everything is confirmed to be correct, we print a label for the box which includes customer name, part number, quantity and number of boxes in the shipment. It’s yet another step we take with equal2new to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered.

Foam-in-Place Packing

Shipping can be tough on networking equipment. That’s why we ship equal2new certified hardware carefully. Our Foam-in-Place packaging technology keeps equipment securely in place with a custom cushion.

The Foam-in-Place machine consists of bags filled with a special chemical mixture which starts as a liquid foam then hardens slightly into a solid, soft foam around the equipment in the box. These bags fit snugly around our boxed devices and provide complete cushioning and protection to the equipment during shipping.

Don’t trust your critical technology to be shipped with the usual packing peanuts or simple newspaper that many vendors use. Our Foam-in-Place technology proves we care about the integrity of our product when it arrives at your facility.

You can count on well-protected and fully functioning equipment that won’t be damaged during the tumultuous shipping process. Plus, we routinely pack electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist straps with every device we ship so you have added protection for your product out of the box.

Phone Stabilizing and Packaging

We package each phone in its own box using a stabilizing clear elastomeric film that holds the phone secure. This keeps it safe and jostle-free during shipping. We include all of the accessories in the box with the phone, meaning everything needed to make that phone work is right there – there’s no separate shipping of items.

We also affix a label to the outside of the box so you can tell exactly what’s in it (just in case you store it for later use). The serial number, manufacturer part number, and even the MAC address for each phone are included on the label, making the configuration of your phone system that much easier for you.

No need to un-stack and open boxes to find out details of what’s inside. You can configure and have the phone ready to go for your end-users right out of the box.

The shipping process doesn’t stop there. To top it off, all equal2new orders are shipped with your very own equal2new troops to help defend your investment. That’s taking quality and protection to the next level. Submit your own troops photos here.