From the moment equipment arrives at our door, our dedication to excellence begins.

Find out how we pave the way to equal2new® reliability right from the start.

The first step in delivering you unrivaled quality

How does CXtec make your interactions with us as seamless and successful as possible? It starts even before you’ve talked to us – through our equal2new® certification process.

Ensuring accuracy throughout our process:

  • Automated precision
  • Barcode tracking
  • Electrostatic discharge prevention

When hardware arrives at our facility, our receiving processes are a precise, technical, and critically important step in our certification procedure. Every piece of potential equal2new network hardware is meticulously tracked and coded, and moved quickly to its next corresponding step in our detailed process. Our goal is to keep the process as expedient and accurate as possible.

We keep a detailed account of anything and everything shipped to us, and we code it so that it can be tracked in our system from the moment we receive it to the moment it arrives in your hands.

Our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system ensures redundancy and consistency so that the equal2new certification process meets our standards – and yours. It’s the first step toward making equal2new the perfect solution for your infrastructure needs.

To see all the steps in our process, check out:

Barcode tracking to ensure accuracy

From the start, each unit of equal2new hardware is immediately assigned a unique barcode. This advanced inventory system will provide a tracking mechanism and comprehensive history of the product, not only throughout the remainder of the certification process, but long after the equipment has been integrated into its new environment.

This code enables us to recall product information in seconds with any equal2new product, making it easier for our experts to answer your questions or offer help with troubleshooting.

Your experience with CXtec will be quick and convenient – we make sure we know everything about your technology.

Protecting you from the hazards of electrostatic discharge

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a charge created when two surfaces come together and separate creating a spark. This phenomenon is important when it comes to technology because the ESD sparks created when handling equipment can significantly damage sensitive electronic components within devices.

Because of this, we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to protect equal2new hardware from potentially damaging electrostatic discharge. All team members working with equal2new hardware are grounded to prevent ESD damage, and every step in our certification process takes place under strict ESD safeguards.

We employ numerous protective measures including:

  • A carbon epoxy floor coating throughout our handling area
  • Heel and wrist straps that our technicians test at least twice daily
  • Gloves to act as insulators
  • Bench grounding and dissipative work surfaces that spread out charge and reduce build-up
  • Cart and rack grounding for any surfaces that will hold equipment during transport around our facility
  • Metallized anti-static shielding bag and non-conductive foam to protect and insulate products during shipping
  • Wrist straps included in the box for our customers