Certification Center

This is where the magic happens!

Check out our 70,000-square-foot center dedicated to the excellence of equal2new® hardware.

Dedicated to the stellar quality of equal2new®

Once you see our 70,000-square-foot Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC), you realize just how committed we are to the quality and performance of our equal2new® certified pre-owned equipment.

TCDC is an ISO 9001:2015-certified, electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected facility containing more than 250,000 products in-stock and ready to ship. Even better? Our team at TCDC is made up of the best in the land.

While we’d love for you to visit us in upstate New York to see for yourself (you’ll need your snowsuit), we know that’s not always possible.

We have the next best thing for you right here.

Take a video tour of TCDC and see how our technical, in-depth certification process ensures you get the equipment your organization needs to succeed.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

We take numerous measures to make sure equal2new® is completely protected

You need the products you purchase to work right out of the box every time, and it’s our goal to deliver you that peace of mind. The threat of ESD can interfere with that outcome, and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure ESD does not negatively affect the quality we deliver to you.

We employ numerous protective measures including:

  • Carbon epoxy floor coating throughout our handling area – conductive surface that carries built-up charge to ground
  • Heel and wrist straps worn by our technicians – tested twice daily
  • Gloves to act as insulators
  • Bench grounding and dissipative work surfaces – spread out charge and reduce build-up
  • Cart and rack grounding for any surfaces that will hold equipment during transport around our facility
  • Metallized anti-static shielding bags – encase and insulate product for shipping
  • Non-conductive foam – cushions, protects and insulates during shipping
  • Wrist straps included for customers – when handling equipment out of box

To learn more about ESD and how CXtec protects against it, just click here.

CABLExpress® Manufacturing

Creating high-quality products to provide industry-leading innovation

In addition to being the home for our extensive equal2new inventory, TCDC holds widespread inventory of our CABLExpress® data center infrastructure products, so we’re ready to meet your layer one needs quickly.

Our TCDC cable team assembles Skinny-Trunk® modules and enclosures in a dust-free environment to eliminate contamination, and uses only the highest-quality components. Once assembled, we trace every port and every module to ensure proper light paths.

A fully automated tracking process ensures accuracy from start to finish, allowing us to expedite every cable and every piece of hardware every time. Our goal is to protect your investment with design specifications that give you maximum uptime and exceeding standards.

To learn more about our CABLExpress manufacturing process, click here.

Technology Exploration and Conference Center

Discovering creative ways to help you benefit from Technology @ Your Pace®

We know you’re tasked with finding creative ways to stretch your technology budget and need a technology partner that is willing and able to understand your circumstances and provide technologies that meet those needs.

That’s where our Technology Exploration and Conference (tec) Center comes into play.

To help you create unique solutions to fit your growing business needs, as well as your individualized budget and time frame, CXtec has built a multi-technology, multi-manufacturer demonstration center to provide you with solutions that feature several generations and/or manufacturers in the mix.

Features of the tec Center:

  • Hands-on interoperability and proof-of-concept testing
  • Equipped with products from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers
  • Includes technologies from legacy to leading edge, including VoIP, wireless, and security

With the tec Center covering your IT infrastructure, you can rest assured you’re getting solutions that will work well for your infrastructure.

We’ll take the guesswork out of your technology purchase, and replace it with peace of mind.