equal2new® – Performance Guaranteed Technology Equipment®

We know what you’re up against and we have the solution.

We understand you face a never-ending list of projects, but lack the resources to complete all of them. There’s so much to do yet you’re challenged to find the time, money, and staff to get it all done.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry – we have the solution to bring you some peace of mind.

When it comes to purchasing refurbished networking and voice equipment, you need a solution that’s reliable and cost-effective. Our equal2new® certified pre-owned networking and voice equipment can help simplify your buying process and reduce the cost of your infrastructure.

With equal2new you get the only certified pre-owned network hardware in the industry that comes with...

  • Huge savings - up to 90% off list prices
  • The industry's best lifetime warranty as standard business practice
  • Advance replacement throughout your hardware's lifetime
  • 99.51% out-of-the-box reliability rating
  • Industry-leading testing and certification process

Find out how the pride we take in our process makes equal2new the world's best brand of certified pre-owned networking hardware and phones.

Leading technology innovation for more than 20 years

Since its inception in 1995, our exclusive brand of equal2new equipment has helped organizations save millions on the cost of their technology infrastructures, maximizing the value of their technology investments with all the brands you trust - like Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, HP, 3Com and many more. And equal2new has been the industry's only brand to offer a lifetime warranty as standard business practice since 1998.

The equal2new brand stands for quality and peace of mind. It means more money in your pocket, and makes your job easier by allowing you to spend the money you save on the things your organization needs to succeed. It’s simply our promise that any hardware you receive from us will be equal to – or better than – new. It's just one of the ways CXtec provides you with Technology @ Your Pace®.

Maximize the Value of Your Technology

How does equal2new provide such value? Simple. Through our IT asset disposition program we buy used equipment from IT pros just like you and turn it into our own brand of certified pre-owned networking and voice equipment. Rest assured, your equipment undergoes thorough data cleansing and is reset using an ISO 9001:2008-certified process. Not to mention we’ll give you cash or credit on account for a wide variety of equipment. We guarantee the best value for your hardware, so you can use the money earned to maximize your budget and to spend your resources where they make the most sense.

Top-Quality Network Hardware Certification Process 

All equal2new equipment is produced in our 70,000-square-foot, electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC). Every unit undergoes a rigorous certification process, backed by an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, to ensure a reliable product every single time.

How equal2new will make your job easier:

  • Stretch your budget dollars

Get more technology for less, without sacrificing quality. Our equal2new equipment is priced up to 90% off list so you can take the money saved on your networking and voice equipment and apply it anywhere you feel would best impact your organization’s success.

  • Maximize your current investment

Our Technology @ Your Pace® philosophy provides solutions that meet your individualized needs, unique to your particular circumstances, not the manufacturer’s. Maintain your current technology infrastructure by utilizing products no longer supported by manufacturers. Upgrade the area of your network where it makes sense while doing it at your own business pace. Apply resources you’d otherwise use on equipment to other important projects.

  • Implement a spare/back-up program

You have the opportunity to affordably implement a spares program for unforeseen needs. Have spares ready at a moment’s notice for your mission-critical technology components. Never get stuck in another downtime dilemma without a back-up plan in case of emergency or product failure.

  • Provide responsiveness/flexibility

To us, you’re not just a number. Our dedicated account managers work closely with you to satisfy every technology need you have, no matter how big or small. We realize last minute things come up and with more than 250,000 products in-stock and ready to ship in our Technology Certification and Distribution Center, we've got you covered.

Not all technology partners provide the same value, which is why it’s so important to Know Your Source®. Learn more about how can ensure you’re getting the highest quality equipment for your organization.