CABLExpress® high-performance structured cabling solutions

CXtec has been in the cabling business for more than 30 years, and our CABLExpress® division manufactures high-performance data center cabling infrastructure products. We help you maximize business value and prepare your layer one infrastructure for future generations of upgrades.

Find out how the CABLExpress experience provides you the highest quality product, best service, optimum performance and industry-leading innovation.

CABLExpress® Offerings:

Network Cabling for Your Connectivity Needs

Your networking equipment is an expensive and critical part of your technology infrastructure. Make sure you’re connecting it with the highest quality network cabling to guarantee maximum performance and minimize the risk of downtime. We’re committed to providing industry-leading CABLExpress cabling and data center technologies to help ensure your infrastructure performs at optimal levels.

CABLExpress solutions provide the performance, design and manageability you need as you migrate to speeds of 10-, 40- and 100-gigabit and beyond. We provide structured cabling designs for the ever-growing demands of today’s data centers with the Skinny-Trunk® Solution, copper trunks, RSD Series fiber enclosures and EXP Series copper and fiber patch cords.

Do You Respect Layer One®?

Find answers to all of your network cabling questions from the experts. Our CABLExpress team has a wealth of great data center industry insights, resources, and expertise to guide you through any layer one solution.

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