Top Reasons Why Customers Choose Fully Configured Refurbished Dell Hardware Solutions?

Posted by The Team at CXtec on May 5, 2022 9:30:58 AM

The phrase "refurbished" refers to a used product that has been recertified or fixed for resale. However, what that implies...

The phrase "refurbished" refers to a used product that has been recertified or fixed for resale. However, what that implies varies significantly across industries and individual businesses. Refurbished items in the tech business include desktops, phones, laptops, servers, and networking equipment.

A famous quote among IT Professionals: "If Google can use refurbished IT Hardware equipment, why can't you do it for your business?" is very accurate in the 21st-century.

In the past couple of years, the deployment of IT equipment has blossomed in a variety of industries, providing enterprises with flexibility and efficiency. IT infrastructure is critical in assisting businesses in meeting their objectives by providing faster and more effective business systems and IT-enabled operations. However, as the number of IT devices such as servers, storage equipment, computers, and data service equipment grows, they pose a severe threat to the environment.

Furthermore, IT infrastructure consumes a significant amount of electricity, putting a damper on the power grids and adding to greenhouse gas emissions. Most IT businesses, vendors, and users use green IT strategies (like refurbished IT equipment) to ensure environmental sustainability.

Overview: Automated, Scalable, Secure Dell Server and Storage Solutions

A refurbished Dell server can save an IT company between 70% and 80% in total costs compared to new equipment. Fortunately, their condition and usable lifespan make them a worthwhile investment. What about the level of quality? You will get a lifetime warranty on equal2new® fully configured refurbished Dell server solutions if you buy your refurbished Dell equipment from an authorized partner like CXtec. As a Dell EMC gold partner, CXtec has the experience to set a new bar for scalability, intelligent automation, and integrated security while also supporting you in understanding and solving business problems.


Reasons Why Refurbished Dell Equipment By CXtec Will Give You A Competitive Edge

There are hundreds of reasons why refurbished Dell Equipment is becoming popular, ranging from the performance as good as new to warranties that meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. We've compiled a list of some of the most significant factors to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

1. Seamless Hardware Lifecycle

Some people believe that buying refurbished IT equipment, such as Dell servers, comes at the expense of quality. They believe there is a greater risk of product failure, which is, clearly, not the case. In fact, you might be shocked to realize that you can find refurbished Dell servers that are as good as new (or better). During the equipment's life cycle, you'll notice two places where breakdowns occur. The first is in the early stages of the life cycle, while the second is nearing the end of the hardware's expected lifetime. Most OEMs are unable to test every unit on their assembly operations. As a result, brand new equipment will have a certain level of failure. However, after the products have been worked for, they typically run for years. There is a perfect spot for consistent performance with a low risk of failure. If you buy high-quality Used Dell Equipment, you can hit that sweet spot.

2. Extensively Tested Products:

Throughout the refurbishment process, refurbished Dell products go through rigorous tests to verify component and system dependability. The goal of examining each component is to assure secure data deletion, longer life, and improved performance. Furthermore, refurbished Dell equipment adds significant value to business operations by delivering excellent performance and reliability.

3. Cost Up To 50-60% Less Than OEM:

The most significant advantage of purchasing refurbished IT hardware is that it allows enterprises to save a substantial amount of money while providing employees with high-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost. When you pick equal2new®, you will save 40% to 90% off manufacturer list prices, freeing up more IT budget.

4. Extended Support:

Buying refurbished Dell equipment does not imply compromising the quality of support services. Third-Party Maintenance partners of CXtec have assisted several organizations in improving their overall market performance by utilizing appropriate Used equipment and providing substantially less expensive services than mainstream support from OEMs.

The CXtec Advantage For Refurbished Dell Hardware

CXtec equal2new® is a premium brand of certified pre-owned network equipment (including dell refurbished hardware) that enables clients to prolong the life of their technologies. We provide high-quality, time-tested items at reasonable pricing. Furthermore, we ensure that you have a genuine guarantee to back up your purchases, the convenience of readily available items and parts, and support from our trusted experts.

CXtec equal2new's IT professionals and technical experts ensure that the refurbishing process is carried out with stringent quality checks and performance testing under an environmentally friendly roof.