Selecting Cisco Router that Best Fits your Company's Needs

Posted by The Team at CXtec on May 5, 2022 9:30:39 AM

Cisco has long been a leading networking powerhouse, providing IT professionals with high-quality services, solutions, and...

Cisco has long been a leading networking powerhouse, providing IT professionals with high-quality services, solutions, and products. Its expertise, reliability, and wide range of offerings have increased client trust and propelled it to the top of the list of networking solution providers.

The Process of choosing a refurbished enterprise router is complex

Since its inception in the 1980s, Cisco has been one of the world's largest networking enterprises, evolving from a vendor of switches and routers to a provider of robust telecommunications, cybersecurity, and networking solutions. It continues to maintain the quality & value of its technology, and we anticipate that it will manage to stand out from the competition for many years to come.

However, when investing in a refurbished Cisco router, you must do extensive research, keep a few important pre-considerations in mind, and evaluate your business needs carefully. You may use this overview as a starting point. We want to assist you in determining which refurbished Cisco router is best for you, depending on your requirements and the network you are maintaining or expanding.

Key considerations when choosing a refurbished business router

  1. What should be the optimal speed for your refurbished Cisco router?
  2. The speed of a refurbished Cisco router is primarily determined by its gigabits-per-second (or Gbps) rate. Gigabits and gigabytes are sometimes mistaken; however, they are not the same. In actuality, a gigabyte is made up of eight gigabits. Most small offices can get by with a router that runs at three to five gigabits per second; however, speedier devices are available. Nonetheless, businesses utilizing ADSL2+ will require a router capable of handling downloads at 20 Mbps, whereas those using Fiber-based Internet will need a router capable of handling downloads at 50 MBps.
  3. How much money should you spend on a refurbished Cisco router?
  4. Refurbished Cisco routers can range from less than $100 to $400 or more. Your IT budget and specific demands will determine the amount you should spend on a router. But you'll also want to be sure you're getting the necessary features to utilize your internet services fully. You'll most certainly pay more for a used router that supports faster speeds and technologies such as MU-MIMO and beamforming. Moreover, refurbished tri-band routers and those that support phone service will be more expensive.
  5. How many users and devices can connect to a router?
  6. A powerful refurbished router is useless if it can't accommodate several users. Bandwidth plays an essential role in determining the overall capacity of a router. For the uninitiated, bandwidth is similar to ‘highway width’—the more bandwidth a router offers, the more devices employees can connect to it without slowing it down. Bandwidth is measured in gigahertz (GHz), and most refurbished routers have many "bands" that vary in speed and spectrum efficiency. Most routers provide various bands, allowing managers to select the ideal configuration for the office environment. A few refurbished Cisco routers even let numerous bands operate simultaneously.
  7. Don’t forget about data security
  8. How sensitive is the data in your company? Do you hardly share sensitive information across the office or is there not a day without anything significant shared across emails? Depending on your security needs, you'll need a refurbished router with several firewalls and possibly a virtual private network or VPN for maximum security. Firewalls are software applications that operate as border checkpoints, checking every internet traffic through your network. VPNs are far more difficult for malware to breach than firewalls, so look for one or both capabilities. You can also go for a small business wireless router with advanced encryption technologies, such as WPA2. In addition, if you're using the refurbished Cisco router for a small business, look for the ability to set up ‘guest access’ and various SSIDs to segregate your network into trustworthy and unauthorized users. It's also good to get one with dual-WAN connections if you require critical backup access.
  9. Know the support you will be getting for the refurbished Cisco router
  10. Refurbished Cisco routers come with varying levels of support based on the model you purchased and the router's price. Before making a purchase, it is critical to understand how much support your refurbished Cisco router will require and if your vendor will be providing your team the same assistance.

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