Finding the Right ITAM Fit: 5 Critical Things to Look for While Choosing an ITAM Provider

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Jul 4, 2022 2:09:48 AM

IT asset management (ITAM) is the end-to-end tracking and management of IT assets. ITAM ensures that every asset is used,...

IT asset management (ITAM) is the end-to-end tracking and management of IT assets. ITAM ensures that every asset is used, maintained, and upgraded in a proper manner. At the end of its lifecycle, it's disposed of in a sustainable way.

IT assets in your company come in different forms and sizes. Computers, routers, and other physical equipment are clear examples of tangible assets. Intangible assets include software, servers, licenses, and copyrights.

Most modern organizations would be unable to function without access to these systems. But many enterprises are clueless about what IT assets are on their networks. Let alone even if they follow the best management standards.

What is IT Asset Management?

IT asset management is an all-encompassing program. This includes the following steps:

  • Tracking what assets are on the network
  • Verify that each asset is up-to-date with any security or software patches
  • Ensure each asset on the network is secured and configured

It's also an ongoing process. Your IT department (or managed IT vendor) must constantly be vigilant. In fact, your IT team must track the complete asset lifecycle. This includes phasing out old hardware and integrating new technology.

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Managing IT Assets Properly is Critical

Managing an organization's IT assets may appear straightforward. But it is hard for someone with limited knowledge of IT Asset Management.

ITAM centralizes the financial, inventory, and contractual functions of a company. This promotes strategic decision-making among employees about using and distributing IT-related resources.

Asset management can also help to ensure that amortization rates are correct. Regular asset assessments will ensure that the business's financial statements are accurate.

A few years ago, IT departments could control assets inside their domain.

But employees' expectations to customize the tools they use is bringing new challenges. The work of modern teams necessitates IT departments to be flexible. Their asset management process should adapt to the employees’ requirements. Or maybe outsource the ITAM to third-party vendors.

5 Critical Things to Look for While Choosing an ITAM Provider

1. Consider why you want to put an ITAM solution in place

Your company is unique. So you will have your demands and reasons for using an IT asset management system. The following are the most common reasons:

      • Improved visibility

If you're having trouble answering questions like "What software packages does the company use, and how can we save money?" or "When should the company's laptops be replaced?" Then your IT asset management partner is about to change your life. You can avoid unnecessary expenditures. All while making the perfect use of present resources. Only if you have a thorough inventory of software licenses.

      • Savings on expenses

Not knowing what the company owns and pays for is a prescription for disaster. You must have various departments acquiring licenses and solutions with no central accountability. ITAM provides the transparency and control required to avoid wasteful spending.

2. Know your IT assets before approaching the vendor

Determine what your IT asset management solution must include. It's always essential to address this with other vital stakeholders, departments, and management. This ensures that the solution you adopt benefits the entire business. It's a surefire method to boost the likelihood of a successful rollout.

3. It's an Ongoing Process

Remember that ITAM is a process, not something you perform once and then forget about. ITAM provider will assist your organization even more as you work to improve the process.

Update and track your IT assets to ensure that your ITAM process is always up to date and ready to use. This guarantees that when assets need management, you already have a system to handle the issue.

4. Automation

Automated tasks and to-dos are equal to having a workforce that works around the clock. This automated system ensures that things are completed on time.

You may ask your ITAM provider to automate specific periodic scheduled scans and notifications. This will allow you to be aware of all assets at the same time. ITAM uses automated checks to identify assets that need help and deploy management agents to resolve any issues.

5. Know Their Lifecycle Management Approach

Asset life cycles are critical in ITAM. They assist enterprises in determining how long an asset will perform reliably and when it should be disposed of.

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