5 Ways How Companies Can Embed Sustainability at The Core of Operations

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Jul 28, 2023 6:54:09 AM

The impacts of climate change paint a bleak picture for our collective future. Sustainable practices are crucial if we want to...

The impacts of climate change paint a bleak picture for our collective future. Sustainable practices are crucial if we want to keep our world livable and businesses must contribute to this goal. Simply tagging your products as ‘sustainable,’ ‘green,’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ is insufficient. Modern consumers are more aware of environmental degradation and actively seek greener alternatives. Moreover, the shift in government policies forces businesses to take decisive actions to achieve sustainability.

Why Sustainability Has Become More Important Than Ever

Large businesses are already transitioning toward green business development. A 2022 study of 850 companies worldwide revealed that 80% plan to boost investments in green business operations and sustainability. 25% of businesses that invest in sustainability optimize cost savings. More importantly, 70% of consumers are willing to buy from brands committed to sustainable business practices. 

The good news is that sustainability does not have to be burdensome. You can begin your path to sustainable practices with simple and effective initiatives. Here are five that you can start implementing today!

  • Replacing Older Machines with More Energy-Efficient Equipment

New energy-efficient machinery can replace old equipment effectively. This includes heating-cooling systems, electrical equipment, coffee machines, lights, projectors, etc., installed in your office. More efficient infrastructure will reduce your company’s carbon footprint and save on energy bills.

  • A Culture of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Governments and activists have promoted the concept of the ‘3Rs’ for over a decade. A workplace culture of reducing, reusing, and recycling is a good place to start. Relying on refurbished legacy systems will help reduce the e-waste you generate. Reusable and recyclable office equipment like refillable whiteboard markers, cardboard boxes, paper straws, etc. will also reduce overall waste generation and contribute to your carbon-neutral goals. 

  • Investing in Pre-Owned Products

Most businesses can boost their sustainability efforts by purchasing refurbished pre-owned hardware. Refurbishing products involves careful inspection, repair, and testing of old hardware products to ensure they work as smoothly as the new ones. It helps reduce carbon footprint and e-waste, making businesses more cost-effective. Services like equal2new® can help your company invest in high-quality, reliable pre-owned products.

  • Going Completely Paperless

According to a study, the average worker can consume up to 10,000 sheets of paper annually, a high environmental cost. Companies can go paperless by moving to online cloud storage, making email and chat their primary communication channels, and digitizing their other paper-based processes with intelligent tools.

  • Promoting Green Working

Commuting during rush hour is one of the leading causes of air pollution as it generates large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. You can bolster business sustainability by encouraging employees to opt for more eco-friendly commuting options such as public transport, bicycles, electric vehicles, etc. Promoting a hybrid work culture will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Achieving Sustainability with CXtec

Adopting sustainable practices will require businesses to rethink their overall approach to their technology and IT infrastructure. With over 40 years of expertise in optimizing IT hardware management, CXtec and its unique suite of solutions position us as the perfect partner to help you do so. 

As stalwarts of environmental change, we believe in bringing sustainable IT hardware lifecycle management to global businesses.