Life Cycle Management

Now more than ever, you know it’s critical to redefine your technology strategy and turn your infrastructure into an advantage.

CXtec helps you become agile, resourceful, and proactive with your technology investments.

With you throughout the life of your technology investment

Life cycle management means being there for you at every stage of your technology infrastructure’s lifetime. It’s our commitment to you.

CXtec is the partner by your side as you reimagine the possibilities your technology can provide for your entire organization. We're your complete life cycle management partner.

Many technology vendors are only there for the sale – once that register rings you’re pretty much on your own. But that’s not how we do things at CXtec.

Regardless of where you join us in your process, CXtec has the expertise to support you.

We strive to bring you exceptional value at every stage of your journey – without sacrificing quality or your peace of mind.

How does CXtec provide value and expertise throughout the life of your investment?

Learn how life cycle management provides value throughout your investment in this definitive guide...

Redefine IT Strategy

CXtec helps you rethink how you build, support, decommission, and upgrade your technology infrastructure.


Maximize value on decommissioned IT assets

Get the most money back for all of your retired technology.

Protect your critical data

Ensure all your proprietary data and information is properly erased.

Lower your hardware costs

Enable all your high-speed business applications with cabling that exceeds standards requirements for quality.

Optimize performance with high-quality cabling

Over 20 years of happy customers can attest to the performance and reliability of equal2new equipment. Our reliability rating has stood the test of time with a reliability that is equal to or better than out-of-box new hardware.

Reduce your support costs

Lessen your dependence on higher-priced OEM support and customize a solution that fits your infrastructure and lowers your operational expenses (OPEX).

Create the right solution for your needs

Use blended solutions of hardware and support to achieve the ideal infrastructure for you.

Deliver quality and reliability

Get pre-owned hardware backed by an unrivaled warranty and a 99.5% reliability rating – and the largest secondary hardware provider.

Extend the useful life of your technology

Maintain your investment longer and upgrade at a pace that makes sense for you.

Save budget money for other business- and profit-driving investments

Use the capital you save on your technology to create competitive advantages in other areas of your organization.

Focus your team on the most important initiatives

Maximize your internal resources and facilitate easier projects, from install to retirement, with CXtec’s expert services at your disposal.

With more than 40 years of experience, no one else has our level of expertise every step of the way.

Hybrid hardware solutions, high-quality cabling

Take full control of your infrastructure with blended hardware solutions and high-performance cabling.

CXtec empowers you with choices of new hardware or our own brand of certified pre-owned equipment – equal2new®. These choices allow you to proactively make the smartest, most cost-effective decisions to get maximum performance and value from your equipment.

With CXtec’s equal2new, you get performance guaranteed hardware backed by an unrivaled warranty – with North America’s largest secondary market hardware provider to support it.

The money you save on equal2new equipment can be used to improve other areas of your business. Extending the useful life of your hardware and upgrading at a pace that makes sense for your organization puts you in total control of your technology strategy.

Here’s why equal2new is simply the world’s best pre-owned hardware:

  • 40-90% off list price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 99.51% reliability rating
  • Industry-leading testing process

To further maximize your investment, our CABLExpress® division manufactures high-performance cabling and data center infrastructure products. You ensure your hardware and software applications always perform to expectations with CXtec.

Our CABLExpress data center structured cabling solutions provide:

  • Highest quality product
  • Best service
  • Optimum performance
  • Industry-leading innovation

Smart investments allow you to strengthen not just your technology infrastructure, but your organization as a whole.

You get quality and reliability at a price you can afford. It’s the best of both worlds – savings without sacrificing performance.

Reliable Expertise, from Install to Retirement

Free up your team’s time to focus on more critical, business-driving initiatives with our expertise.

Our team of highly trained, certified and field-tested technicians help you configure, install, set up, and support your environment. Our team has a wide vision of best practices – we help organizations across North America and around the globe.

Whether you need an advanced, preconfigured solution ready to plug in right out of the box, or onsite assistance with integration, we always ensure your team is enabled to get the best value from all of your projects.

We facilitate smooth data center transitions from physical to virtual infrastructure, and migrations to public or private cloud. And we provide secure onsite de-installation services, data sanitization practices, and more.

All services from CXtec are agnostic and independent of the OEM.

CXtec is the partner by your side as you reimagine the possibilities your technology can provide for your entire organization.

Flexible, Low-Cost Alternatives to OEM Support

Once you have your equipment in place, the next step in the life cycle journey is to find a budget-friendly support offering to back it.

No matter what kind of equipment you’re using, new or pre-owned, using third-party maintenance (TPM) is a strategic and well-established way to get the quality coverage you need while saving money that can be used on other high-priority needs in your infrastructure.

An investment in TPM is an investment in your own independence. You free yourself from expensive OEM support plans, and you get a solution that best fits your needs.

CXtec’s RapidCare® TPM offering is the flexible, customizable solution to help right-size your support.

  • Up to 50-60% less than OEM support
  • Multiple service levels
  • Free shipping on inbound and outbound product
  • Flexible, customizable

Priced up to 50-60% lower than OEM support, RapidCare is the cost-effective, reliable solution to guarantee your hardware is protected.

OEM support plans are not your only choice. Consider TPM to customize your support, lower OPEX, and create a new avenue of savings for your organization’s bottom line.

Protect Peace of Mind, Recover Maximum Value 

Your journey comes full circle when you maximize ROI on the technology you already have.

CXtec helps you protect your critical assets with safe, secure hardware end-of-life management (HELM) services. Our MindSafe™ data sanitization and destruction services protect your data’s integrity and privacy, and we handle your gear in an environmentally-responsible way.

Sell back your used hardware at maximum value and use that money to fund your next investments.

  • Safe and secure
  • Maximize value
  • Data wiping and destruction
  • Environmental responsibility

Our global HELM services cover everywhere from Omaha to Seoul – and all points between.

CXtec can handle any project, at any scale, worldwide. We offer cash, consignment or credit on account for your used gear – and no one pays more.

And we provide data wiping and data destruction services to ensure your sensitive info is protected. Your budget gets the much-needed boost it needs, and you get peace of mind.