Hardware End-of-Life Management

It’s time to decommission the IT hardware you've been using.
So... what’s next?

You work with a partner that removes risk and ensures the highest return on your investment. Get your hardware end-of-life management solutions from the largest data center value recovery company in the world.

Safe, Secure Services to Handle Your Retired IT Assets

ITAD - IT Asset Disposition Services

Are you migrating to the cloud? Big data center project?

Or maybe just doing your normal IT refresh?

One way or another you’ll need to account for your surplus equipment.

All that equipment that once had value to you now needs to be accounted for, valued, and decommissioned – all while protecting your data security!

Let us take it off your hands for you – maximizing your return on investment in the process!

Your life cycle management journey comes full circle when you maximize ROI on the technology you already have.

On top of providing maximum value, CXtec helps you protect your critical assets with safe, secure hardware end-of-life management services.

Our MindSafe™ data sanitization and destruction services protect your data’s integrity and privacy, and we handle your gear in an environmentally-responsible way.

Learn more about CXtec’s Hardware End-of-Life Management services in this information sheet


What is hardware end-of-life management?

If you go looking for strategies to handle decommissioning your IT hardware, you'll find that every organization describes it differently.

But if you want to do it right - protecting your data security and getting maximum value for your equipment - then you need a partner that can help with every step of managing the end of your hardware's life.

Hardware end-of-life management is:

A set of high-end, sophisticated services for corporate entities seeking to decommission their retired IT assets – providing strategies to exit technologies, logistical processing of materials, secure data cleansing/destruction, R2-certified procedures, and audited reporting every step of the way.

That's just our fancy way of saying we understand every step of this process and we're here to help make it easy for you.

Our safe, secure Hardware End-of-Life Management services entail:

Valuation – Get the most detailed and
accurate valuations of your assets
Data Security – Compliant, scalable,
and documented data sanitization
and destruction services
Decommission – Full technical de-installation, packing/crating services, and transportation
Value Recovery – Our global customer
base offers you the greatest opportunity
for maximum return on your investment.

Hardware end-of-life management solutions from the largest data center value recovery company in the world

The security of your data, safe in our hands

MindSafe data security services protect your peace of mind

The CXtec guarantee: With more than 40 years in the industry, we have the expertise to handle your equipment safely and securely, and to give you top dollar for your assets when you sell your technology equipment to us.

Safeguarding your sensitive information is a top priority, and our process ensures it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Whether on-site at your facility or at ours, our MindSafe™ services provide compliant, scalable, and documented data sanitization and destruction that meet DoD and NIST standards to protect your confidentiality.

Doing a new tech project? Retiring used IT assets? CXtec will help you do it right!