The equal2new® Experience: Shipping

With equal2new® shipping, your equipment arrives at your door quickly, safely, and in perfect working order! See for yourself how our shipping procedures are just one component of the equal2new® experience!

Why equal2new? Because we know what you're up against, and we created the solution:

Your equal2new® equipment arrives at your doorstep quickly, safely, and in perfect working order.

Our automated process is designed to ensure we ship you the right equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our facility is fully protected from electrostatic discharge, and our technicians are grounded to prevent any ESD mishaps when performing our shipping procedures.

Every box is affixed with a label describing its exact contents, including serial number, manufacturer part number, and even the MAC address for IP phones.

Plus, we include rack mount hardware and power cords for every eligible device.

We also make sure your technology is well-protected along the way.

Our custom-fitted packaging provides cushioned, contoured protection around both data hardware and phones to keep them safe at all times during shipping.

These custom-made boxes are landfill-safe to help protect the environment.

And we use a proprietary method to package each phone in its own box featuring custom air pockets to keep the phone secure – and our packaging is built to protect any phones with built-in cameras.

That’s equal2new®, technology arriving to you in perfect working order.