The equal2new® Experience: Receiving

The equal2new® experience starts long before you ever receive a device. Our top-of-the-line receiving process is geared towards quickness and efficiency, while still maintaining the quality and accuracy you’ve come to expect from equal2new®.

Why equal2new? Because we know what you're up against, and we created the solution:

With equal2new, we never lose track of you or your equipment.

Every step in our receiving process is geared toward quickness and efficiency, while still maintaining quality and accuracy in all our procedures.

From the moment equipment arrives at our doors, it is in an electrostatic discharge-protected facility. Our technicians are grounded to prevent any ESD mishaps when handling equipment.

Our automated processes ensure we account for all equipment at all times.

First we sort boxes as they arrive and enter each into our system with a mobile computer.

Each piece of equipment is immediately given its own unique barcode to ensure that it can be tracked accurately through every step in our certification process.

This barcode stays with the device throughout its lifetime, making it recognizable to us even post-sale.

That’s equal2new®, with you every step of the way.