Replace Power Board and Reset Nortel 1140E IP Phones

Shawna demonstrates step-by-step how to factory reset Nortel 1140E IP phones.


Hi, my name is Shawna. I'm a product engineer at CXtec. Today, I'm going to talk about the 1140E's.

In case some of you don't know, if you have deployed the 1140E's in your environment, you might have come across a power board issue. Now, this is a noted issue from Avaya. Sometimes the power boards will fail, and what you will notice, you'll probably think that the display has gone bad on the phone, but usually when you unplug the phone and plug it back in, the power board will blow. You'll get the two lights up top, the red and blue, and nothing on the display. Now, a lot of times people think that the display went bad when it truly is the power board.

What I want to show you guys is the power board. This plugs in the inside of the phone, and what we do here at CXtec is replace every single power board on every phone that we stock. Typically the ones that were manufactured by Nortel, now Avaya, had a 5-year lifespan, so if you start noticing after 5 years that they start going that would be the reason.

One other thing that I wanted to show you guys before we finish is the factory reset of the phone. If you have the latest firmware, which is C6E and higher, you can go ahead and now factory reset these phones. Typically what I do is take the MAC address, which is located on the back of the phone. You can see, if maybe if we zoom in a little, the MAC address there on the rectangle sticker on the back of the phone. I take this and I write it down because it's going to be useful in the factory reset process and it's a lot easier if you have it written down than trying to flip the phone over. Basically, I wrote that MAC address down, so I'm going to factory reset this phone.

You start by hitting ** and then we're going to put in 73639, which is "Reset," and then we're going to type in that MAC address. The MAC address of this phone is 98D, so we're going to use 3, 88C, so we're going to use 2, 245302##.

Okay, once you see the Avaya sign you know the phone's been factory reset, so from here on you can just unplug the cord and that's basically how you factory reset the 1140E. I hoped you learned a lot about the power board issue. Any questions, contact someone at CXtec.