Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Headset Unboxing

In this episode of TecTips, we do an unboxing of Jabra's Elite 85H wireless headset, and discuss the various features of this exciting product.

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I'm here today to unbox the new Jabra Elite 85h wireless headset. So this is their top of the line wireless headset that they just recently introduced, and as I go through, you're going to see some of the different features. I'll talk about some of the different features that it has and talk about the pros and cons of the device that I came across.

So as I unbox, you'll notice that they did a really good job at giving this a really nice appeal. So as we on unbox each piece, you'll notice that it's very nicely laid out, very clean and very well put together.

Then from the actual headset itself, you'll notice that it comes with all the parts and accessories that you need for a wireless headphones. So because they sell this worldwide and throughout the world, you'll notice that they still have the older airplane adapter, which isn't really needed anymore in any US flight, but they do have that part as well. Of course, the charging cable using the new USBC standard, then from the headphones themselves.

The case that holds this is a really nice durable case that you can travel and pack in your suitcase or in your backpack. And then from the device itself, one of the nice features I like about this is that there's no true on/off button with this. So what happens is, as you snap these open, that's what powers on the device. That part I really liked, so there was no worrying about making sure I turned it off to make sure the battery wouldn't die or anything like that. As soon as I close it up and put it in its case, it would kill the power to the actual headset.

They did a really good job at hiding all of the words and all of the necessary FCC logos and information that they need to put on it. You actually don't see any of that throughout the device, which is really nice. It keeps it really nice and clean.

The other thing that I really liked about these headphones from Jabra is that the ear cushions were a really big. So for going around my glasses, going onto my head, they felt really comfortable and did a really good job at keeping all the sound where I wanted it.

Just like most headphones in this category as well, as soon as you take it off your head, it would pause your music. That was a great feature that is included and should be included on all headphones in this price range.

One of the other things I really liked about this is that it had that matte style to it. So it has a really nice look to it. It's not shiny, it's not glossy. Has a really nice look and feel.

It's got the center button for play, pause, your volume up, volume down on the bottom. You have a microphone to be able to mute, and then you have this button here. This is for Jabra's active noise cancellation, so there's a couple of different modes that you can switch through on the active noise cancellation depending on the situation that you're in. Sometimes it would change it on the fly. So in the airport versus on the airplane or versus in my car, I could change it or it would actively change it.

The one thing I noticed about these headphones as well, compared to the beats is that they weren't as deep in base. But with the Jabra app that you can install on iOS or on any Android smartphone, you can easily change that. So that's one thing I couldn't do with my beats is change it to be more treble or more base, where these ones I had that flexibility. Now I did have to use the app on the outside to control that, but the app also does and manages all your firmware updates as well, which was really nice to be able to see from the app's perspective.

These were very comfortable on the phone. I had probably five hours going through airports. Never lost the battery charge and never had to worry about it being uncomfortable as well throughout that timeframe.

The one thing with the active noise cancellation, since it tries to cancel the noise or adjust on the fly depending on what you're doing, I found that actually on the actual airplane during takeoffs and landings that it was trying to adjust to a noise cancellation level that I actually didn't like. So that was one drawback that I did have from these headphones, is that during takeoffs and landings it almost sounded like a vibration in my ear because it was changing the active noise cancellation.

Now I could have overrode that on my app or by pushing the button itself on the headphones. But as we all know if you go through airports and you're flying with these types of headphones on, takeoffs and landings aren't that long compared to overall flight anyways. So while it was a drawback, it's not something that would persuade me not to purchase these headphones. Thank you for watching this video on the Jabra Elite 85h.