Installing OEM Batteries Into Your Battery Tray

A quick instructional video on how to install OEM batteries into your existing battery tray.


Today we're going to show you how to install batteries using your existing battery tray.

Your first thing you'll need to do is to remove the faceplate. After that, unplug the yellow battery connector, and remove four screws.

An important step is to discharge the battery by pushing the on button, then slide out the battery tray.

Next, we'll remove the batteries. You'll find that the batteries have an adhesive on the back of them, but you can easily pry those away with a screwdriver. You'll find that same screwdriver, also, very helpful in popping off the connectors.

Now that all the batteries are out, we're going to reinstall using our new OEM compatible batteries. Our OEM compatible batteries meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications.

After you've reinstalled the four batteries, you can slide the tray back into the UPS. Put the four screws back in. Reconnect the power cord, and pop back on your faceplate.

Looks pretty easy, doesn't it?

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